Visual artist and theater maker Miet Warlops on Saturday

Visual artist and theater maker Miet Warlops on Saturday

30 September 2022 Today at 19:50 Saturday/Saturday for Miet Warlop (44), visual artist and theatre-maker: Slow down, go to the well-known sauna and play the overexcited hostess. Miet Warlop (44) Theater maker Visual artist Belgian premiere of ‘One Song’ in NTGent “Saturday is: reset myself.” Today ‘One Song’ has its Belgian premiere. Last summer, Miet … Read more

De Volkskrant TV selection for Saturday 1 October

Luis Gnecco in Neruda by Pablo Larrain Early birds NPO 2, 19.44 The name of the nature reserve Plantage Willem III recalls the past, when the relatively warm southern slope of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug was used as a tobacco plantation. The area has been owned by Het Utrechts Landschap since 1995, and this week Early … Read more

The Young Climate Movement: ‘Government can’t do it, so we do’ | NOW

In 2040, we will travel in Europe by train, eat plant-based food locally and our cities will be green. These are just a few points from the Young Climate Agenda 3.0. On Thursday evening, Young Climate Movement presented it to Minister Rob Jetten (Climate). How feasible are the plans? Seventy youth organizations contributed to the … Read more

The Varsels Festen can start again!

Fri 30 Sep, 09:30 To read aloud Culture HENGELO/VARSSEL – After two years of forced absence, Varssel’s Feest is about to start again. The program includes performances by the band Proost, DJ T-Cota and De Stamgasten. There is also a fun performance by Varssel’s Volkstoneel. The folk games and the children’s party with all the … Read more

Breitling and Swiss join forces to promote sustainable aviation.

With this new ground-breaking partnership, Breitling purchases sustainable jet fuel for all flights with SWISS. With this, Breitling wants to achieve CO2-neutral flight. SWISS International Air Lines and watchmaker Breitling have entered into a unique partnership in Switzerland. Breitling will purchase sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) for all its work-related flights with SWISS. Breitling will do … Read more

The most impressive pictures of the month

A man prays at the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople in Istanbul. The Ecumenical Patriarchate belongs to the Eastern Orthodox Churches. This ceremony on September 1 marked the beginning of the church year. Serena Williams retired from tennis at the US Open. Following an interview in Vogue earlier this year, it is believed that this is … Read more

‘The idea of ​​food as medicine is as old as the road to Rome’

can it be a little more? Extra protein is (still) the trend [SÆRLIG;PROTEINNYFJER-PizzaerflødeostbuddingbrødpandekagerogjordnøddesmørallekommerienversionmedekstraproteinTendensenmedattilføjeproteintilfødevarer–ogsåselvomdenaturligterenproteinkilde–harståetpåietstykketidmendetserikkeudtilatværeslutendnuHvorforerdetsåfængende?Oghvorlangtidvildettage?ImellemtidenbankerdennæstemadtrendalleredepådørenDetskalogsåsikreatvimenneskerkanlevelangeogsundeliv[SPECIAL;PROTEÏNENIEUWVEEN-Pizza’sroomkaaspuddingbroodpannenkoekenenpindakaaszezijnallentevindenineenversiemetextraproteïneDetrendomeiwitaanlevensmiddelentoetevoegen–zelfsalszevannatureeenbronvaneiwitzijn–isaleentijdjegaandemaarlijktnoglangnietvoorbijWaaromslaathetzoaan?Enhoelanggaathetnogduren?OndertussenstaatnamelijkdevolgendefoodtrendalopdepoorttebonzenOokdiemoetervoorzorgendatwijmensenlangengezondkunnenleven[SÆRLIG;PROTEINNYFJER-PizzaerflødeostbuddingbrødpandekagerogjordnøddesmørallekommerienversionmedekstraproteinTendensenmedattilføjeproteintilfødevarer–ogsåselvomdenaturligterenproteinkilde–harståetpåietstykketidmendetserikkeudtilatværeslutendnuHvorforerdetsåfængende?Oghvorlangtidvildettage?ImellemtidenbankerdennæstemadtrendalleredepådørenDetskalogsåsikreatvimenneskerkanlevelangeogsundeliv[SPECIAL;PROTEÏNENIEUWVEEN-Pizza’sroomkaaspuddingbroodpannenkoekenenpindakaaszezijnallentevindenineenversiemetextraproteïneDetrendomeiwitaanlevensmiddelentoetevoegen–zelfsalszevannatureeenbronvaneiwitzijn–isaleentijdjegaandemaarlijktnoglangnietvoorbijWaaromslaathetzoaan?Enhoelanggaathetnogduren?OndertussenstaatnamelijkdevolgendefoodtrendalopdepoorttebonzenOokdiemoetervoorzorgendatwijmensenlangengezondkunnenleven Protein, what is it good for? And do we need extra protein? The Nutrition Center does not think so. The Dutch diet has set the amount of the nutrient that adults need to function properly – for example, to build cells, maintain … Read more