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We copy and paste on our computers hundreds of times a day, but doing things a little differently can make it a lot easier for us.

These are keyboard commands that everyone has mastered over time: with control and C, you copy something, then you can paste it again with control and V. It works the same way on Mac, but with the command button instead of control. For example, you can quickly move a web text or paragraph from a Word document to the record.

However, there is another, sometimes more convenient way to insert text, namely by holding down Shift beyond the Control and V buttons. Control-shift-V ensures that you put text somewhere without all the associated frills.

Control-shift-V inserts without formatting

When you copy text, you take a lot more with you in practice. The clipboard also contains the entire document layout, such as font size, color, and applied font.

If you insert a Word text into an email, it ensures that the text is suddenly much larger, smaller and completely different in design than the rest of the email. A large red headline from, for example, a text document suddenly makes an e-mail very alarming, until you have manually changed all the formatting again.

You do not have the problem with control-shift-V (or command-shift-V). The text is inserted without corresponding formatting, so that all letters assume the style of the app or email where you placed them. It can save a lot of hassle even if you insert information from tables, for example. In most cases, control-shift-V is the most convenient approach.

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Control-shift-C in Office does the opposite

By the way, in Microsoft Word you can also use control-shift-C when copying, but it does the opposite of what you would expect. This only copies the formatting of a text, without the corresponding letters or words.

You can then select a text in the same Word document and press control-shift-V again. This passage will then have the font size, color, and font of the layout you just copied.

Inserting without formatting is still possible in Word, but then you must first copy the text in the old-fashioned way with control-C or command-C, after which you insert with control-shift-V.

See copy history

You can also see what you have previously copied to your computer. In Windows, press the Windows button and the letter V, and a history list of pastas will appear. There are also things that you often copy and paste, so you quickly have them at hand.

On a Mac, download an app like CopyClip to view your clipboard history. By default, you can only access the last one you copied by opening the Finder app, clicking Edit, and then selecting View Clipboard.

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