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What does a …If you look at our job description, you will see special features. A laboratory technician or an assembly worker: apparently we really need them, where for what and why? In this series, someone talks about their subject every week. Today: Danny Hildebrand (46), service engineer at Vertiv in Breda.

What exactly do you do as a service technician?
,, I have maintained the emergency power systems of our customers for eleven years. These systems consist of electrical power modules connected to large battery packs. I visit various companies, including hospitals, police stations and banks, but in recent years I have mainly visited the big data centers. I also come to the place if there are calls for malfunctions. “

What does your working day look like?
,, On an average working day, I sit in the car around half past six in the morning and drive to a customer. There I perform maintenance work, repairs or replace parts. We do not work until five o’clock. Sometimes I finish earlier, but we do not leave until the work is done. In addition, I have an emergency for a week once every six weeks. I am available 24 hours a day to solve problems. “


We have companies all over the Benelux, so sometimes I have to drive a bit

Danny Hildebrand

How does a crash service like this work?
“Initially, I was trying to solve the problem over the phone. But in some cases, I have to go there. We have companies all over the Benelux, so sometimes I have to drive a bit. “Sometimes it’s difficult when you get a call in the middle of the night, but it’s very satisfying when you solve it.”

It sometimes seems stressful to me
“It is for sure. You are always under pressure. Even if you do maintenance. If you make a mistake, the computers can just shut down. Then you have a problem. Fortunately, it gives me a healthy tension, but you have to be able to handle it. . «

Has anything ever gone wrong?
“Yes, I have experienced that. In such a moment, you feel like you are getting very small. It is best to stand strong and stay calm. See what happened and how you can fix it. “

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Has your work become busier during the corona period?
,,Of course. Working from home has put a lot more pressure on the digital infrastructure. Programs like Zoom and Teams do not just work. As engineers, we are also a part of that. ”

What’s so great about your job?
“You have to do things on your own. You go alone to a customer and you have to solve it yourself. I also like the contact with the customers. Some I have known for a while, it is always nice to see each other again. “I also like to prepare jobs well. If it turns out in practice as you had imagined in advance, it gives me great satisfaction.”

Are there also less pleasant sides?
,, If you go to customers, you are dependent on third parties. Sometimes I’m somewhere and I can not get started right away, because something has not been arranged. For example, it has not been communicated that I am coming, so I stand in front of a closed gate. It has also sometimes happened that the materials sent could not be traced. Then you are looking for hours for nothing. It’s annoying.”


It is important that you come to the workplace and see what is going on

Danny Hildebrand

What does it take to be a good service technician?
“You have to have perseverance. You have to be able to solve things and not give up if it does not succeed the first time. You also work continuously in teams and more emphasis is placed on preparation and coherence in the execution of the work. But at the same time, I think “It is a very nice challenge. It is also important to be punctual and accurate. We make comprehensive measurement reports, and then it must be right.”

Who would you recommend this job to?
,, For people who can not stand loose ends and who like to have everything chewed. You do not know in advance what kind of situation you will get into. If technology does not interest you, this job is not for you. “

Do you want to grow even more?
,, I am 46 years old and have been playing outside for a long time. I now also have some other tasks, and I like that a lot. For example, I am a field specialist and prepare procedures for colleagues and customers. I also play a role in training new colleagues. I want to do even more in the future so I visit customers less. But I would never let go of it completely. It is important that you come to the workplace and see what is going on. If you only do it remotely, you can do your job less well. “

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