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April 26, 2022 – 1:00 p.m.

April 26, 2022 – 16:28

Mayor Edo Haan today surprised 14 residents of Maassluis with a royal award. This happened in connection with the annual Ribbon Rain.

This morning, the mayor walked past the doors of the decorandi with a cargo bike to surprise them. They received an invitation to come to the Groote Kerk this afternoon to receive their tapes.

The following have been appointed members of the Orange-Nassau Order:
Corinda van den Bos-van Eenennaam and Mariëlle Romeo-Moerman, the founders of the Christian children’s choir Wonderwijs. Since its founding in 2001, the church’s prominent place has grown rapidly. W Education is now a household name, with performances all over the country and can even be seen on national television.

Hans Luttikhuis has been a member of the VDL football association since 1969, where he holds various volunteer positions. He does this on average about 20 hours a week in addition to his full-time job. He welcomes teams, takes care of the maintenance of the training materials, washes and folds the selection teams’ clothes and is also a judge.

Corrie van der Laar-Ham took a seat on Paul’s Parents’ Council in 1978 and organized various activities in that role. For example, the primary school participates in all kinds of sports events in Maassluis. The same year she also started as a volunteer within De Goede Herders parish, where she became a member of various choirs, among others. Among other things, she led the Liturgy steering group.

Paul van Deventer has been a volunteer at the ‘t Loo tennis club in De Lier since the early eighties. He is currently chairing the Privacy Committee there. In his own town, Van Deventer is the city guide for Maassluis Historiske Forening. In addition, Werkgroep Vrijwillige Litter Cleaners was set up under his leadership, and he volunteers at the foundation Het Buitenhof, which arranges guided holiday trips for people with disabilities. Van Deventer is also involved in Varend Corso Westland and the nursing home DrieMaasHave.

Marja Koster-Klepke and Theo Koster has been a volunteer in ckc Maassluis korfballklub since 1989. On Saturdays, the couple makes sure that everything is in perfect order: They provide sandwiches and prepare the canteen. They also help with the camps, the tournaments and the condition of the complex.

Wouter van Tooro started in 1997 as a volunteer for the foundation Christelijk Kampwerk Maassluis, where he quickly took on a pioneering role. He is now a member of the foundation board and is still active throughout the camp week. He is also a sound engineer for the children’s choir Wonderwijs, and he is involved in the primary school De Regenboog.

Hugo van der Hoest has been involved in the Senior Computer Club Koningshof since its founding in 2005. This association aims to promote the knowledge and use of computers and computer programs among the elderly. He also made a newsletter during the corona period. Van der Hoest is also involved in the residents’ association Uilenstaete.

Arie Uiterdijk is a volunteer crew member on the steam tugboat De Furie and is involved in all kinds of activities on board. As chief stoker, he is responsible for speeding up the ship. He also offers guided tours.

Loek Molmans has worked in the maritime sector for many years and is already active as a volunteer member of the Zeekadetten Corps as a board member. Since 2010 he has also been a councilor for Maassluis Belang, the Van den Hoek faction and the Forum voor Maassluis successively. From 2010 to 2016, he was also chairman of First Aid Maassluis.

John Dolstra made and is doing several voluntary activities, for example in the church advisory council, the carrier pigeon association De Snelle and Stichting Derde Hulp. Since 2010, he has also been politically active within ChristenUnie in Maassluis, first as a support council member and then as a council member. He was councilor in the most recent period.

Hans van Vliet has been active since the end of the last century within the National Institute of Deafness in Sint-Michielsgestel, now Koninklijke Kentalis. He is the initiator of a parent initiative, where so-called phase houses are being built for deafblind young people who can live there independently. In his own town, Van Vliet is involved in the Immanuel Church and the 400 Years of Maassluis Foundation.

Chose Vaissier started in 1955, as a 9-year-old, as a volunteer in the Catholic Church. First as an altar boy and later as an acolyte. For about 45 years he was associate professor at Petrus en Pauluskerk. Vaissier worked as a civil servant in the municipality of Maassluis and was active as a municipal archivist until well after his retirement.

Erik van der Meijs got his band this morning in Midden-Delfland municipalitybecause he has committed himself to scouting Maasland.

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