Leo (66) is a volunteer at Food Bank Apeldoorn: ‘I know what customers are going through’

“I am a creator and a coordinator. I always have been. A real regulator. I enjoy dealing with unexpected situations in the right direction. Nice and dynamic. “Apeldoorner Leo van Schaick (66), father of forty and happy with reading, walking and gardening, has been active since 2018 at least 36 hours a week as coordinator Issue and Logistics at Fødevarebanken Apeldoorn. He has also been addicted of the Food Bank for a while. “I know well what customers are going through,” he explains.

At least 600 inhabitants in our municipality receive food from Apeldoorn Food Bank every week. With 75 volunteers, divided into different activities in the Food Bank, they get this work done every week.

Ukrainian families

This week, Ukrainian families who have just arrived in Apeldoorn were registered for the first time. Four families ended up in the Food Bank through help. Leo likes that they can help these people too. “They are very welcome.”

Leo van Schaick at the vegetables in Fødevarebanken Apeldoorn. Photo: neighborhood Apeldoorn


Volunteering is very normal for Leo. He has previously been active as a volunteer at Scout Duke van Gelre in Maten. For a time, he was also the district superintendent of Het Gehandicapte Kinds collections. During his activities for the Handicapped Child, he came in contact with Anneke, who was already a volunteer at Apeldoorns Fødevarebank at the time. That’s how the ball started rolling and he’s grown to his current volunteer position.

Self-client in the Food Bank

Leo is also familiar with the food bank life. He had to rely on this facility for a few periods of his life. When he had just been divorced and later when he had to live on unemployment benefits for a period. He knows well what customers are going through. How it is to cope with few funds. This also motivates him extra to work for this group of people. “It gives me satisfaction to help people who are having a hard time,” he says. “Although sometimes there are customers who express themselves negatively about our facilities. They want more groceries, or they are not happy with the offer. Then I take a good talk with them. Fortunately, this does not happen too often. Most customers are very grateful. That’s what you’re doing for. “

The former order supervisor – trained graphic designer – is used to having to arrange a lot. He has been retired since 2021. He has all the rest and time to decide for himself how he organizes his time. When asked how long he thinks he will be active in the Food Bank, he answers: “As long as it’s fun, I’ll keep doing this”.

As long as it’s fun, I’ll keep doing it


Always available

There is a lot involved in the work. “I am also always available as a coordinator,” Leo says. It is always “on” in front of the Food Bank. He is present at the Food Bank every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from eight in the morning to seven in the evening. “It’s the question days, so we’re always busy all day,” he explains. But even outside these days, Leo is often active for the Food Bank. “Every day is different. For example, a company calls that they have a pallet of goods left. If we can come and pick it up. Then I immediately call the transport team and we take action. We do not leave anything behind. It’s a shame. “

Operation Picnic

He also says that he was recently called up by Picnic’s big boss, the Apeldoorn region. During the violent storm, the Picnic wagons in the Apeldoorn region were unable to deliver the orders. “We were allowed to pick up a thousand boxes of orders back then. It was an operation! “Says Leo enthusiastically.” We collected a portion for Apeldoorns Fødevarebank. But we are also always in contact with other food banks. We exchange many articles. Because a product’s best before date always determines whether it can still given to customers. We must be strict about this, just like normal supermarkets. For example, Food Bank Zutphen and even Food Bank Leeuwarden with this delivery were able to make many articles happy. Super beautiful. “

It gives me satisfaction to help people who are having a hard time



Contrary to Leo’s expectations, the corona period has not resulted in a huge growth of the client group in Apeldoorn. “We feed about 600 mouths a week. But there are so many more people living in poverty in Apeldoorn. They are welcome to contact us. Then we will help them,” says Leo. He also points out that the average client can continue without the Food Bank after a maximum of one year.
“We always see a very natural progression in relation to new recruits and people who say goodbye to us. It is also so beautiful to see how grateful people say goodbye to us. Warmhearted, ”says Leo proudly. “I get great satisfaction from that.”

It is also so beautiful to see how grateful people say goodbye to us. Heart warmer



No fewer than 75 volunteers work at Apeldoorns Fødevarebank. “All people with a heart of gold,” Leo says. “The atmosphere is also good. It is so important. Without these people, we would not be able to survive as a food bank. ” Irene Koomen is such a volunteer. Like Leo, she is there every release day from early morning until the end of the day. “Fantastic,” Leo beams.

Leo van Schaick and colleague, volunteer Irene Koomen. Photo: neighborhood Apeldoorn

Move Mad Bank

By the end of 2022, Fødevarebanken Apeldoorn must have moved to a new location. A new construction project starts at the current location on the canal. Do you know a nice location, on the outskirts of the center of Apeldoorn, which the Food Bank can rent cheaply and where accessibility is good? Please contact Apeldoorns Fødevarebank.

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