New installation Steve McQueen premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam

International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) presents Sunshine Statean installation by Steve McQueen that can be seen during the 51st edition of the Kunsthal Rotterdam.

The festival will also reveal Art Directions, Cinema Regained and a number of new film titles. IFFR 2022 will take place from 26 January to 6 February 2022 in Rotterdam.

“We are delighted that Steve McQueen’s new installation will have its world premiere at the upcoming edition of IFFR,” said festival director Vanja Kaludjercic.

“As a visual artist and filmmaker, McQueen is known for his powerful vision,” he continues. “We are proud to let a wide audience experience this new work in the Kunsthal, an iconic art institution in Rotterdam, and look forward to welcoming McQueen to the festival to celebrate film art in all its grandeur with him.”

With the art program Art Directions, IFFR invites visitors to experience works that transcend genres. Art Directions proudly presents Sunshine State, an installation commissioned by IFFR by Steve McQueen, made possible in collaboration with Kunsthal Rotterdam. McQueen’s previous installation, Year 3he was commissioned by Tate Britain in 2019.

In 2020, a larger retrospective of McQueen’s work was shown at Tate Modern. For IFFR 2022, the director will fill the Art Gallery’s central space with images and sound.

The installation opens on Thursday 27 January and is open to the public until Sunday 13 February. McQueen’s project is supported by the event fund in Rotterdam municipality and festivals in Rotterdam.

Two performances will take place in the Rotterdam art institutions TENT and Theater Rotterdam. The performances were partly made possible by the Mondriaan Foundation.

Angolan multidisciplinary artist Kiluanji Kia Henda presents Resetting bird memoriesa musical performance that tells the story of Chinaxixi Square in the center of Luanda – a symbol of Angola’s violent past.

Taiwanese artists Su Hui-Yu and Cheng Hsien-Yu present Revenge scenesa living installation artwork derived from Su’s short film Women’s revengewhich premiered at IFFR 2021.

The performance creates using augmented reality a new digital world, inspired by Taiwanese cult films, where women take revenge on men. This work was made possible in part by support from 1646 (The Hague) with the support of the Taiwanese Ministry of Culture.

Art Directions also presents music documentaries in the program Scopitone, where the world premiere of music genre films Italo Disco. The sparkling sound of the 80s by the Italian-German filmmaker Alessandro Melazzini.

This is also the case for Invisible: Gay Women in Southern Music from American director TJ Parsell, a film that reveals successful female queer songwriters navigating a male-dominated genre.

Audiovisual live performances in audio // vision and a VR program can also be found in the Art Directions program. More about this will be announced later.

Read more about Art Directions here.

Cinema recovered

Under the title Cinema Regained, IFFR presents restored classics and documentaries on film culture and film heritage – nine historical and imaginative films have already been confirmed.

This is the world premiere of Urf by Indian director Geetika Narang Abbasi, a cheerful insight into the world of lookalikes by popular Indian movie stars and a study of the idea of ​​simulacrum.

French filmmaker Loubna Régragui presents the world premiere of The nine lakh starsabout the ethics of film restoration and the process of creating masterpieces duvidha from 1973 by IFFR legend Mani Kaul.

Cinema Regained also welcomes another IFFR acquaintance, the Hungarian filmmaker Judit Elek, with the restoration of The lady from Constantinople† This 1969 classic jumps back and forth between surrealism and cinema verity.

The first full-length film by Slovak New Wave pioneer Eduard Grečner will also be shown, Every week seven days – a masterpiece of modernist poetry. More movies will be announced later.

Read more about Cinema Regained here.

Cinema recovered confirmed films:

Every week seven daysEduard Grečner, 1964, CSR

Ida Lupino: Gentlemen & Miss LupinoJulia Kuperberg / Clara Kuperberg, 2021, France

Inferno Rosso: Joe D’Amato sulla via dell’eccessoManilo Gomarasca / Massimiliano Zanin, 2021, Italy

Korean Ghost Story – IeodoChoi Sangsik, 1979, South Korea, international premiere

The lady from ConstantinopleJudit Elek, 1969, Hungary

Modern Korea: The Age of AnimalsJeong Jaeeun, 2021, South Korea, international premiere

The nine lakh starsLoubna Régragui, 2022, India / France, world premiere

UrfGeetika Narang Abbasi, 2022, India, world premiere

Viaggio nel crepuscoloAugusto Contento, 2021, Italy / France

Several movies unveiled in Harbor and Limelight

The celebrated French director Bruno Dumont returns to IFFR with France, a political satire on the media, as part of Limelight. In addition, three new titles have been announced in the Harbor Program.

Bolivian director Kiro Russo presents his second feature film, The great movement (winner of the Orizzonti Special Jury Award), a tale of survival in magical but irreconcilable La Paz.

Go on the road by Iranian filmmaker Panah Panahi shows a gripping but somewhat absurd family road trip. French filmmaker Rachel Lang presents Man legionaryan ensemble drama about the soldiers of the French Foreign Legion and their wives.

IFFR developed the festival campaign for the 51st edition in collaboration with Rotterdam’s design agency 75B. The full program will be announced at a news conference on December 20th. More info can be found here.

Visitor health and safety is IFFR’s priority. The festival closely follows the guidelines of the Dutch National Institute of Public Health and the Environment in the run-up to the forthcoming edition.

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