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News feature | 21-04-2022 | 16:20

A chameleon who always takes the color from his environment but never really shows color. The public prosecutor for the National Prosecutor’s Office made that comparison today in court in Overijssel with the now 70-year-old suspect, a former child psychiatrist from Friesland. He is suspected of (usual) possession and production of child and animal pornography in the Philippines and in the Netherlands. The sentence is: 30 months imprisonment, of which 10 conditional and a conditional imprisonment of 10 years.

In addition, the Attorney General demanded special conditions from the prosecution: cooperation from the suspect in supervision in the penitentiary, treatment at the center for clinical forensic psychiatry and systematic control of his data carriers for criminal cases by the police and penitentiary. . Furthermore, if it is up to the prosecution, the suspect may not have contact with young people under the age of 18, except for his family members, during the probationary period, and the prosecution demanded a 10-year ban on leaving the EU and a 5-year ban on professional work. as a child psychiatrist, the man is still registered with a doctor).

For the prosecution, all seized USB sticks, computers, hard drives and other devices containing child and animal pornography must also be taken out of circulation.

Arrest in Nepal

As a child psychiatrist in the Netherlands and as a benefactor abroad, the man was closely involved with children. Abroad, he sponsored children, their families and school projects.

Until he was suddenly arrested in Nepal in June 2018, suspected of having abused two underage boys. He was arrested in a hotel room in Kathmandu in the presence of a minor boy. The public prosecutor: “In one fell swoop, the image of the empathetic child psychiatrist turned into the image of a child abuser. He turned out to have been walking around for years with a secret that his surroundings knew nothing about. ”

In December 2018, the judge in Nepal sentenced him to 7 years in prison. The Dutchman appealed this. Around 11 January 2020, it turned out that the sentence for the suspect in Nepal had been reduced to one and a half years in connection with a preliminary law change which was in his favor. His conviction for both offenses was upheld in the highest court, but because he had already served his sentence, the suspect was released shortly after. He returned to Holland.


The man’s two sisters, who are over 80 years old, were sentenced by the court in Overijssel to six months in prison at the end of November 2020 for bribing a witness in the prostitution case in Nepal against their brother.

Dutch criminal case

Since June 2018, a criminal investigation of the man, named Makalu, has been underway in the Netherlands on suspicion of possession and production of a large amount of child and animal pornography. During a raid on his home, police found a data carrier with child pornography on it. During the trial in Nepal, the Dutch investigation was put on hold but was later resumed.

A few days after the man was released in Nepal, police received a tip that the suspect had asked someone to take some hidden USB sticks with materials that incriminated him from his home and destroy them, which he refused. On January 15, 2020, another search was conducted in the suspect’s home. The suspect was arrested on November 3, 2020.

In all, several computers, USB sticks and hard drives with loaded material were seized.

aggravating punishment

The public prosecutor accuses the suspect extra of having seriously undermined confidence in the mental health service. She sees this as an aggravating verdict. “It is inexplicable when a child who has been sexually abused, has been harmed as a result and seeks professional help to heal, ends up with someone who does not only see through the eyes of a doctor. A child psychiatrist in particular should know better than anyone else what trauma children are experiencing as a result of sexual abuse. The suspect not only downloaded child pornography, but also produced it himself. “


The criminal case is continued with the defense’s plea. The court will rule on Friday, April 29.

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