The portrait exhibition ‘Good Looking in Ruurlo’ promises surprising level

May 5, 2:35 p.m.


RUURLO – After the outbreak of coronavirus in 2020, the organization felt that they had to postpone the planned exhibition ‘Good Looking in Ruurlo’ for a year. But there would be two, the corona pandemic also continued in 2021. ‘Good Looking in Ruurlo’ is a sequel to the successful exhibition ‘Mathilde – from muse to myth’ from 2019. The village hopes to be able to profile itself even better as an art village.

by Rob Weeber

Even before Museum MORE presented itself, artist Joop Huisman already had plans to do something with art in the village. It eventually became the exhibition about Mathilde Willink, muse and wife of the painter Carel Willink. The exhibition attracted 3500 visitors and was a great success. It was originally intended in the following years to focus on a number of themes from Carel Willink’s work, but after Huisman handed over the baton to Peter van der Heij and Rob Teunissen, this was changed. They sought to connect with ‘The Dutch Portrait Prize’, and therefore ‘Good Looking in Ruurlo’ was born.

Ballot paper for the public
During the exhibition, 67 portraits of participants in the Dutch Portrait Prize, 54 paintings and 13 sculptures can be admired. “The jury for the Dutch Portrait Prize ultimately nominated 50 participants out of 1254 entries,” explains Van der Heij. “They hung in Castle Zeist and are now coming to Ruurlo. In addition, a number of the 2019 edition will feature. We deliberately chose this setup. The Dutch Portrait Prize has a professional jury led by Rudi Ekkart, with whom we thus obtain qualified portraits. It is not an opportunity to review and nominate contributions yourself. We miss that expertise. It is also a huge job to choose a selected number from all these items. What we do is give the visitor a ballot paper on arrival, on which he or she can indicate which work touches the most. ”

Amateur artists and professionals
Participants in the exhibition come from all over the country and relate to both amateurs and professionals. One of them is Mooniq Priem, winner of The Dutch Portrait Prize in 2019 in the 3D category with his sculpture ‘Little Ichiko’. Amateur painter Fulco de Vos from Amsterdam will also be present. He won the Audience Award for the Dutch Portrait Award in 2019 with his portrait ‘The Physicist’. Participant Sandra Thie from Scheveningen is the winner of the 2021 edition of The Dutch Portrait Prize with her self-portrait. Father and son Dielemans from Ruurlo from the region participate, as well as 3D artist Jeanne te Dorsthorst from Haarlo. The work of Marian Merk from Vorden, Henk Bakker from Eefde and Renske Schilt from Hengelo (O) can also be seen. “We are also proud that Siobhán Kaufman from Dordrecht is coming to Ruurlo. She barely missed the title of ‘Best Amateur Painter in the Netherlands’ during ‘Project Rembrandt’, but was declared the best portrait painter by all participants. “

Exhibition provides catalytic effect
Again, many Ruurlose hands are up and running to be able to start the exhibition on 14 May. In addition to the organization, which consists of Peter van der Heij, Rob Teunissen, Sven Bonsel, Joost Walter, Wim Slotboom, Esther de Wilde and Henk Veenstra, many hosts are ready to receive visitors in De Smidse and in Dorpskerk. talk to. “We are gradually seeing a catalytic effect in the village,” Teunissen explains. “Like with Mathilde, I have to enrich a shop window in my shop with art. We also connect with primary schools and KunstKring Ruurlo in the form of work projects and workshops. The groups 8 of the primary and lower secondary schools, for example, portray each other or themselves in collaboration with Culturije. The end result is their farewell to primary school. KunstKring Ruurlo holds workshops with participants in our exhibition, Gabriëlle Westra and Jeanne te Dorsthorst, and also wants to keep Smidsen for another six weeks after ‘Good Looking’ in Ruurlo for an exhibition of artists from Berkelland. The social support for art in Ruurlo is increasing, which is also reflected in the companies and foundations we turn to. ” There is one thing that both gentlemen would like to bring to your attention. Participants are listed including their history on the exhibition’s website as well as in the 84-page A5 catalog that visitors receive. Reading and empathizing in advance helps to better understand what you are seeing.

The portrait exhibition ‘Good Looking in Ruurlo’ takes place from 14 May to 25 June 2022 in the new gallery De Smidse, De Smidse 1, Ruurlo og Dorpskerk, Kerkplein 1, Ruurlo. The opening hours are from Tuesday to Sunday from 11.00 to 17.00 with the exception of Sundays in Dorpskerk. You can visit there from 13:00 to 17:00. The exhibition is closed on Mondays with the exception of Pentecost. Admission (from 16 years) is 7.50 including catalog.

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