Zombie Army 4 Review (Switch) – Between Art and Switch

Let me start with a confession: I’m a Zombie Army fan. Perhaps the biggest fan in the world. Also can not be missed, for Sniper Elite, the sniper sim series (say it ten times in a row), from which Zombie Army is a spin-off, is probably my favorite game series ever. I have all the parts at home, and by a part I really mean all the versions for each console. Just to let the boxes go through my fingers every now and then while I enjoy a good glass of red wine. Feel free to call me an elite snob with bad taste. Or something.

Anywho, also Zombie Army 4: Dead War I has played completely gray on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Add to that the fact that I was really looking forward to this Switch port and you would say the Gold Prize can be won, right?

Well, wait a minute. I’m not just a fanboy of Sniper Elite and Zombie Army, as long as this review lasts, I’m primarily a critical game journalist. Someone who, by the way, precisely because of his love of the source material, sees exactly whether the developer Rebellion has made it easy in any way.

Basically, Zombie Army 4 on Switch is exactly the same game that appeared on last generation consoles over two years ago. So the same nine great levels that vary in setting from an Italian zoo (please do not feed the animals!) To hell. It’s a nice gesture that Rebellion has added three of the levels that were previously behind a DLC wall for free, but it feels weird that you have to patch for the other six extra levels.

The same goes for the playable characters: The original crew is of course available as well as some of the DLC characters such as Hector, the German paratrooper zombie, while the rest is unfortunately still behind a payment wall. Fortunately, ‘undercover Karl’, or Sniper Elite icon Karl Fairburne, can be freely played in a Nazi officer’s attire. I paid $ 4.99 for it on PS4!

The Zombie Army 4 story fits on a beer mat: a certain Adolf H. turns all Nazis, including himself, into zombies the moment he realizes that World War II is lost. And hey, more background history is not necessary. I will primarily talk about how the game plays, how it feels. If you, like me, mainly use the Switch in handheld mode, you still fiddle with a much smaller screen, while the pins also feel less accurate than on PS4 or Xbox.

However, it is here that developer Rebellion’s expertise shines highest. The British live and breathe sniper action to such an extent that there is almost no noticeable difference in playability or fun factor between this port and its ‘big brothers’. This is very nice! I do not know if it has always been designed that way, but because the levels are divided into smaller chapters of about thirty minutes each, Zombie Army 4 is perfect for sessions in public transportation or the dentist’s waiting room. .

The gameplay is more basic than the Sniper Elites, but what the Zombie Army lacks in tactical gravity outweighs it with the amazing combo system. Between critical hits, you can only beat nothing for X seconds – if you wait too long, your combination meter will go back to zero. And believe me, there are few things more satisfying than barking a zombie three hundred yards through your head with a 150x combo on the counter. This game deserves its own e-Sports category because it is also pure skill and 0% RNG.

Is there nothing to complain about? Well, the operation can sometimes seem a bit cumbersome, and in terms of finish, one notices that Zombie Army 4 is not a triple-quadruple-superduperdeluxe-A production. Critics, however, will be most concerned about the format of the series itself, because although the almost hypnotic process for me to aim at your scope, to print and quickly spot the next undead Nazi is the ideal Sunday afternoon interpretation, I can understand that there are people, who thinks this is just an old-fashioned game. Banal, almost. But hey, that’s their problem!

Whether you look at it objectively or subjectively, Zombie Army 4: Dead War is one of the best shooting games on the Switch. Maybe even the best shooting game if you like flat B-movie entertainment, zombies of all shapes and sizes and even a great zombie shark who, if you are a little clever, can use it to your advantage. If you like to focus on taking aim out with your tongue at 6:30 instead of running around like a headless ADHD chicken then dabble on your opponent’s corpse in a purple bear suit. And if you like shooting games where your bullets are not sucked up by bullet fungi (* host * Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands * cough *) but have real impact and shoot the heads of the dirty smelly zombies right out of their torso.

You just have to be able to handle playing a game that no one else is playing and that even Power Unlimited is only aware of because I begged for it. Zombie Army 4 deserves it. This is not kitsch. This is art, on Switch.

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