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Out of isolation: an evening in the city for the Food Bank’s customers

To tááafel!

How cool to see all the happy faces in these pictures, by Noa Den Deurwaarder! She managed it last night in Het Koffiepand, where her father, Ronald Den Deurwaarder, had arranged a warm-hearted event, in collaboration with Food Bank Walcheren and various local and regional companies and voluntary organizations.

We met Ronald before when he was still working at DON Risk Management. When we spoke to him earlier this month about ‘Aan táááfel!’ we learned that this man does very different things these days. He is now a part-time student in social work. The organization of this event was a task of that education.

With this initiative, Ronald and the organizations involved draw attention to the social isolation that some of the people who are dependent on the Food Bank find themselves in. That aspect is easily forgotten. To quote Ronald: “Foodbank customers lead (often) an isolated life. The food distribution on Friday morning is ‘excursion of the week’. Before the corona pandemic, there was always a coffee table in the Food Bank where they could sit down for a chat. Now that it is no longer allowed, the social contact has also been taken from them. Social isolation lurks. “

When he wrote the above, it was no more than a plan, but now Ronald can look back on a successful evening. Councilor Dekker was present as well as representatives of companies and organizations that we work with. And of course a group of Fødevarebanken’s customers. They saw their food prepared by a professional chef (Joris Willems Culinair), and served by the cheerful ladies of the coffee house and Start with Dirts. Not cool?

At first we were going to visit ourselves last night, but when we heard that Noah was going to shoot, we decided not to. This way we would not offend the mood of the evening and we could see how of noa. photo + film captures such a thing. So in a beautiful way.

Kudos to her, to her father and to all the other people and organizations involved in this. Please give it a sequel. It makes our city warmer and more beautiful.

Photos (except the last one):

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