Carlo Boszhard also files a complaint against Yvonne Coldeweijer: ‘Lies must be stopped’ | show

Carlo Boszhard today reported slander against Jan Roos, who put him on the YouTube program gossip accused of sexually abusive behavior. The presenter also plans to report to Yvonne Coldeweijer, known for her juice channel. ‘I can and must not let this pass me by,’ Boszhard says in his Instagram Stories today.

Jan Roos referred to gossip for a release of history last month, who said there were rumors of a well-known TV host allegedly committing an offense. It was never clear who it was, but according to Roos, it is Carlo Boszhard.

The presenter was not available for comment yesterday, but denied the allegations on Instagram. ‘I am amazed at the ease with which my name is thrown around and assumptions that are completely untrue,’ says Boszhard.

Boszhard could not be reached by telephone today either. However, he gave an update in his Instagram Stories tonight: ‘I have now filed a review against Jan Roos and gossip‘ it sounded. Boszhard loves otherwise not with one statement. ‘I hereby inform you that I am also lodging a complaint against Yvonne Coldeweijer for defamation and libel. Spreading lies must be stopped. I can and can not let this pass me by, “Boszhard said.


Coldeweijer, meanwhile, has learned that Boszhard intends to bring charges against her. Yesterday, she claimed, among other things, that the story of history proved to be correct. That is most likely the reason why Boszhard filed a complaint against her. ‘I can at least hereby confirm that Guido the Attractor with his story in history thought Carlo Boszhard, “she wrote.

This afternoon, the blonde shared statements from boys in her own app who would have been involved in Boszhard’s sexually transgressive behavior. Coldeweijer herself does not seem particularly impressed with the statement Boszhard wants to make against her, as evidenced by her response to Instagram. She states that the stories about him are still ‘flowing in’. “So it seems to me that it’s all a lie, Carlo. Make a nice statement and we’ll throw everything on the table. Have a good mood today anyway,” says Coldeweijer.

‘No chance’

IN gossip, a YouTube channel with 228,000 subscribers, Jan Roos and Dennis Schouten discuss all kinds of gossip about celebrities. In yesterday’s broadcast was also Yvonne Coldeweijer, known for her juice channel. Roos calls Carlos’ statement a ‘no chance’.

,, I said in Gossip Talk that the story in history, that there is an RTL host with gripping hands, is about Carlo Boszhard. I do not accuse him of anything, “Roos told ANP yesterday. He says he has received his information ‘from sources’. “If that’s the case, I’ll leave it up to you. So a hopeless case for him. “

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