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videoFrom today, it is often mandatory again to wear a mouth cap inside. And the corona passport now also serves as an entrance ticket in several places. Tough lockdown rules remain on the shelf until further notice. “We are not asking for anything impossible.”

Tobias den Hartog, Niels Klaassen

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21-11-06, 11:56

Keeping distance and avoiding (rush hour) crowds has had to work at home since Wednesday, half the time. But as of today, two additional corona measures are coming into force. These are the new rules – and the limitations that the cabinet still has in place:

Mouth cap on ..
Holland and the oral cavity: it remains a complicated marriage. OMT and the Cabinet were long in doubt as to whether the massive use of mouthpieces would be of great benefit, after which there was still duty. It was quickly scrapped in the summer. But now we are doomed to each other again.

Mouth-nose masks must be worn in all public indoor areas – such as shops, public transport stations, town halls. The cap must also be used in contact subjects such as the hairdresser. Students at MBO and higher education again wear mouth masks in the hallway. Important: where a corona pass is already mandatory, the mouth mask should not be worn. It’s one thing or another.
The fine for not wearing a mouthpiece remains 95 euros.

People with face masks on the street in the center of Amsterdam. It is again mandatory to wear a mouth cap in the supermarket and other stores. The stores fall under publicly accessible indoor areas where mouth masks are mandatory. © ANP

2. … and QR code with
From today, the Corona Pass will be mandatory in many more places. So far, it was especially necessary in the catering industry to show a QR code, but now it must also be in the gym, the museum, by the swimming pool. Indoor sports are only possible after a QR check, as well as dance or music lessons. You may also only get on the outdoor patio after viewing the corona pass.

Outdoor sports are excluded after a massive blockade in the House of Representatives, but canteens and changing rooms are again subject to QR. It would not be ‘too much demanded’ by the athletes, Justice Minister Ferd Grapperhaus (CDA) stated yesterday in the Council of Ministers. “We are not asking for anything impossible. We will have to do it together.” Transfer sites outside such as zoos and amusement parks only fall under the coronapas rules at a later date, which requires a change in the law.

Mark Rutte and Hugo de Jonge during a debate on the corona virus.
Mark Rutte and Hugo de Jonge during a debate on the corona virus. © ANP

And then hope it is not necessary …
And that should be enough to tame the latest corona wave. Rutte did not want to talk the country and himself ‘into a depression’, but also said at the press conference that the chance is ‘real’ that extra measures will be needed next Friday. “Hopefully that’s not the case.”

If things go differently, the caretaker will have a number of extra weapons in his anti-corona arsenal. Legislation is now being drafted that allows for Coronapas can also be made mandatory at companies where visitors must show a QR code in advance. Now all guests at a restaurant must have a corona pass, but the service does not.

In addition, the locker legally allows the use of QR codes in ‘unnecessary stores’ (clothing, furniture, gift shops). It is also being investigated whether other companies – and healthcare providers – can request a QR code. This should be done on a voluntary basis. Some of these additional measures can be deployed regionally in fires.

And if even that does not push the corona waves down in the coming winter, tough lockdown rules will come into play again. OMT wrote it in small print of its latest advice: if things go wrong, possible further restrictions such as limiting opening hours in the catering industry, limiting home visits, reintroducing mandatory fixed seats and closing unnecessary shops. Like the ‘2G approach’, where only vaccinated or cured people are welcome somewhere.

Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) hopes to be able to prevent this. “We have to arm ourselves again, it will be exciting months, but together we can do it if we stick to the current initiatives.”

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