Hit day in Hulst and Clinge: Police arrest four suspects for fraud with Covid grants and PGBs | Zeeland news

videoHULST – Police and Fiod raided several buildings in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen with dozens of people today. This is an investigation into fraud, forgery and money laundering. Four people have been arrested. One of the suspicions is that there would have been fraud with Covid grants and personal budgets (PGBs).

Maurice Steketee, Sheila van Doorsselaer

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19-10-21, 18:05

Police see a 64-year-old man from Clinge as the main suspect. He is a former accountant and has also worked for the tax authorities. According to police, he would also offer his knowledge and expertise in the financial field to criminals.

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Fiod and the police this morning investigated possible fraud in a house on Blomweg in Clinge. © HV Zeeland

Money dogs and digi dogs on windy day

Tuesday was ‘windy day’ in and around Hulst. With 80 men strong, members of Fiod and various police departments raided buildings in Hulst, Clinge, Terneuzen, Heikant and Nieuw Namen in the morning. It was about a house in Kleine Bagijnestraat in Hulst and a villa on Blomweg in Clinge. According to police spokesman Willem-Jan Uytdehage, they also searched for electricity and any expensive cars and watches. Money dogs and so-called digi dogs have also been used. The latter can search for hidden computers or USB sticks. ” According to Uytdehage, this is a major economic study that has been running for more than a year.

‘I have nothing to do with this’

There is only one house in Blomweg in Clinge, a beautiful country house, set back from the street and surrounded by pastures for horses. A company is registered at this address. The resident and co-owner of the business saw Tuesday morning a lot of people standing in front of his door. They came to search the house. He is not himself a suspect in the case. “I personally have nothing to do with this, and neither does my company. I want to emphasize that a lot. The police were also very correct, they took some things and left everything tidy. “It turns out that the police are the previous owner of the villa. It is no stranger to them. In September 2015, a cannabis nursery was found in one of the sheds on the villa grounds. .


Money dogs and so-called digi dogs have also been used. The latter can search for hidden computers or USB sticks

Willem-Jan Uytdehage, spokesman for the police

In Kleine Bagijnestraat on Tuesday morning, only a number of incorrectly parked inconspicuous cars with the police logo behind the windscreen showed that something was wrong. It was quiet on the one-way street in the center. Only in one house were all the lights on, downstairs and upstairs. The front door stood wide open and shadows roamed all the rooms behind the windows. But when interest in the property was noticed, the front door was quickly closed.

Kleine Bagijnestraat in Hulst, where the raid took place.
Kleine Bagijnestraat in Hulst, where the raid took place. © Sheila van Doorsselaer

Uytdehage could not say anything about the three other arrests on Tuesday. However, the raids are related. Fiod had kept the main suspects in sight for some time. The spokesman also could not say whether more arrests were expected. ‘The investigation is now underway into the items taken from the buildings. It will also take a long time. ” The suspects are limited: they must not have contact with the outside world.

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