Lil Kleine must hear today whether he will be imprisoned anymore on suspicion of assault | Arrest Lil Kleine

updateRapper Lil Kleine (27) will hear on Wednesday whether he will stay longer in prison after his arrest on Sunday. He allegedly assaulted his fiancée Jaimie Vaes. The artist is brought before the investigating judge, who decides whether he should remain in custody. The management of Jorik Scholten, as he is actually called, is in the meantime considering continuing the collaboration.

This is stated by the Namam Management Agency in a statement. Namam says he is very shocked by what would have happened between Scholten and his girlfriend Jaimie Vaes, who both represent the management.

‘We are a management agency of well-known artists, talents and influencers, and we are very aware of the exemplary social function they have and the responsibilities that come with it. We place great emphasis on them actually taking that responsibility. We reject any form of physical violence and will not tolerate our artists behaving badly, “the statement read.

The agency says it would like to guide everyone involved in good and bad times as best it can, but is ‘considering the continuation’ of the collaboration with Lil Kleine. “If we are to continue to represent him as an artist, we will attach strict conditions to this. We may not publish any notice of the content and scope of these terms and conditions. It affects Jorik Scholten’s private life. ‘


The rapper was arrested on Sunday night on suspicion of aggravated assault and / or assault, two days after he was sentenced by a judge to 120 hours of community service for kicking a man in a nightclub. On social media, pictures are circulating where it appears that the rapper is pulling his fiancée Jaimie Vaes out of the car in her hair. He would also have squeezed Vaes’ head firmly between the car door.

The management of Lil Kleine and Jaimie Vaes were initially hesitant to comment. On Sunday, management asked to leave the family alone. Lil Kleine’s lawyer, Nienke Hoogervorst, has also not wanted to comment on the case in recent days.

Police announced on Sunday evening that a report of an assault on the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam had been made. It quickly turned out to be Lil Kleine who was arrested on Stadhouderskade. He was alone in his car at the time of the arrest.

Vaes has now made himself heard on Instagram. She shared a video in her Stories featuring her and Lil Kleine’s 2-year-old son Lío. “Valentine,” she said. She has also informed acquaintances that she is ‘okay’ under the circumstances.

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Sony Music, the music giant that would help Lil Kleine after his breakup with Topnotch, announced yesterday that they would make a statement about the incident. However, the spokesman goes through the Belgian section of Sony Music, which was not available for comment on Tuesday.

The youth channel FunX has indicated that it will no longer play music from Lil Kleine until further notice. Other channels did not play the rapper’s music. The streaming service Spotify has removed Lil Kleine’s songs from its curated playlists.

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