Missing? Fatal victims N36 come from Twente & bailiff seizes PCs Rian van Rijbroek | Enschede

Did you not manage to follow all the regional news on Tubantia.nl today? No problem, we have listed it for you in an overview. This is the news on Wednesday, February 9th.

Fatal accident victims Sibculo are Enschedeër (34) and Hengeloër (50): truck driver (45) seriously injured | The two killed in the accident on the N36 at Sibculo are a 34-year-old man from Enschede and a 50-year-old man from Hengelo. They were drivers of the two vans involved in the accident.

Bailiff seizes computers of Sanderink’s girlfriend Rian van Rijbroek | Just before Christmas, Gerard Sanderink’s girlfriend Rian van Rijbroek seized many terabytes of computer data from a bailiff. Sanderink was so outraged by this that he visited an employee of the bailiff’s home and threatened him. (Premium)

Suspected in hammer case (in which 12-year-old Bram died) even ignited combustible powder | The man who was involved in the drama with the hammer blower on New Year’s Eve, in which 12-year-old Bram was killed, has even ignited the combustible powder with a lighter. According to experts, he took risks in doing so.

A small monument to the deceased Bram has been erected with candles and flowers. © Frans Nikkels Photography

Surprised at the cheese farmer’s location in Oldenzaal, right in front of rubbish bins: ‘Who invented this?’ † Cheese seller Maikel Kamphuis was not welcomed with open arms at his new location in the In den Vijfhoek shopping center. Kamphuis placed its booth right in front of the waste bins for glass and paper last weekend. People had to make heartbreaking feats to throw their bottles and jars in the glass container. “But I did not choose the place myself,” Kamphuis replies. (Premium)

German homeless Carlo back in Enschede: ‘Chance wasted in Germany’ | The homeless German Carlo is back in Enschede. He was expelled from his pension in Germany, where he was accommodated after mediation by Enschede municipality. “He has lost his chance in Germany,” the municipality said.

There are railway lines in Almelo that you almost never hear about: that’s what happens there | Each Almeloër has probably passed the seemingly quiet railway lines at Business Park Twente. However, you must always be careful. There are actually trains that often transport hundreds of meters of goods. At least once a week at the freight company Deutsche Bahn (DB) Cargo. Can we come along? “It’s allowed, but take the exam first.” (Premium, video to watch for free)

The court declares the Twente lawyer bankrupt: ‘Sad case and personal drama’ | Attorney Angelique Gerards has been declared bankrupt by the court. The disciplinary court had already removed the lawyer from the tableau for “structural neglect of her clients”.

Johan S. 268 days in jail but not (yet) for fraud in Twente | The fake caterer Johan S., who at the end of last year swindled dozens of companies and individuals in Twente, has been locked up and beaten. And so it will remain for a while. S. must serve nearly 9 months in prison after violating the terms of a previously suspended release. There is (yet) no criminal prosecution for his actions in Twente. (Premium)

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