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War Poems – Theater Na de Dam PHOTO UNSPLASH. JR KORPA

Find comfort in listening to war poems, see how young and old talk to each other about the war, listen to John Rutter’s Requiem or visit an art route full of country art.

Art route Intertwined full of land art

The art route Vervlochten crosses Vlechtdorp Noordwolde and the surrounding area this summer. Six country art works of art will be placed along the roads around Noordwolde and will connect the stories of the weaving past with the present. The artists are Marko de Kok, Karin van der Molen, Jacomijn Schellevis, Raimond Evers, Sigrid Hamelink, Meg Mercx and Rob Verwer.

The story of Noordwolde’s weaving past is closely intertwined with the colony of benevolence. The cycling and walking route of approximately 15 kilometers passes the basket factory in Wilhelminaoord, which heralded the beginning of the weaving industry. Several historic sites are included in the route.

Noordwolde Fr – National Braid Museum, 6 May to 31 October, Tuesday to Saturday 10:30 to 17:00, free

Young and old about the war

During the thirteenth edition of Theater Na de Dam, almost 400 young people in 38 projects across the Netherlands are committed to giving extra importance this year on 4 May. Young people from Drachten also participate in the project; Under the guidance of theater maker Roel Tichelaar, they immersed themselves in the history of the Drachten during World War II. The young people talked to the elderly about what it was like to be young in wartime. These conversations, filled with memories and stories, together with other source material, form the basis of the performance War bag

In a series of short podcasts, the young participants between the ages of 12 and 14 were allowed to ask the older ones about everything. What is Arbeitseinsatz? How did food stamps work? What did you do when you were bored during the war? In the performance, the audience hears the podcasts as echoes of the war, and they see the young people who take them with them in the story they want to tell about war. Wednesday’s show is sold out; there are still tickets for Thursday.

Drachten – Schouwburg De Lawei, Wed and Thurs at 21.00, 5 euros

Comedy club with spotlight and bistro furniture

On Wednesday, Poppodium transforms Neushoorn Grote Zaal into a comedy club with spotlights, bistro furniture and large red curtains. The MC talks things together, while comedians quickly tell the most absurd stories. The big name on stage is Jeroen Leenders, who is now one of the bigger names in the Belgian comedy scene.

Then there is Felix Heezemans, who like no other can whine in a funny way over the daily irritations of life. From sliced ​​cheese to people on a cruise ship. Gerthein Boersma is also present, who gets the audience on board with her clever observations and unique views of the world. Finally, there is Jeroen Pater, who belongs to the first generation of stand-up comedians in the Netherlands.

Leeuwarden – Popcentrum Neushoorn, ons kl. 21, 16 euros, students 12.50 euros

Commemorated with John Rutter’s Requiem

That Requiem by John Rutter is on the program during the memorial concert in the Roman Catholic Church in Heerenveen. John Rutter reaped great appreciation for this work in the late eighties of the last century; not least because of the use of English poems between the traditional Latin parts. This idea was then widely followed.

In 1991, conductor Gerben van der Veen was one of the first to perform the work in Friesland. Colori Ensemble and Project Choir Collegium Vocale Fryslân perform it Requiem under his leadership.

Heerenveen – RC Church, Wed 20.30-21.30, free

War poems offer comfort and connection

On May 4, the victims of the war of the day are commemorated; which is currently inseparable from the current war. In the performance war poems from Teater Na de Dam war poems are read by Marjolein Ley, Sjoerd Blom, Beppe Costa and Ira Judkovskaya. These are poems that mean a lot to the speakers, provide comfort and connect. Ley, Blom and Costa, together with Judkovskaya, will read war poems from the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and the Soviet Union. A number of inhabitants of Leeuwarden and Friesland join them and read poems in their mother tongue: Ukrainian, Russian and German. They also tell what these poems mean to them now.

Special guest is Mohamedou Ould Slahi. This boy from Mauritania fought – after studying in Germany – in Afghanistan in the early 1990s against the Russian occupiers with a group that later became part of Al Qaeda. He was arrested and spent 15 years innocently imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay. His life story was filmed with Mauritania and is currently working on the performance with Noord Nederlands Toneel freedom , which is also shown under Arcadia. Wednesday’s meeting is organized by Ira Judkovskaja, Tryater and IepenUP, in connection with Teater Na de Dam and can also be followed online via Arcadia socials.

Leeuwarden – Tryater, ons kl. 21, free

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