Renovated municipal museum opens its doors as a contemporary Museum W

The Municipal Museum in Weert will reopen to the public from Tuesday 3 May following a major renovation, restoration and refurbishment.

Under the name Museum W, the museum is in the process of a new content process with a renewed arrangement of the permanent collection and an exhibition program with contemporary art and design. The program starts with the special opening exhibition Forever Endeavor by Job Smeets from Studio Job.

In January 2017, the Weert City Council adopted the new museum vision. This vision gave direction to the substantive development of the museum. A museum was chosen where ‘Identity’ and ‘Meaning of Purpose’ are key concepts. Culture portfolio holder Henk Van de Loo: “This distinguishes Museum W in the Netherlands because no other museum has designed these two themes in this way. In this way, Museum W also keeps an eye on Weert’s local identity ”.

The vision also meant a major renovation and redesign of the museum. The renovation of local contractors started in February 2020. The museum also got a completely renovated interior. The national monument was partially provided with a new distinctive facade that has been given a gold-colored skin when clad with TecuGold. The design of the facade, the new interior and the interior are by the Limburg designer Maurice Mentjens.

On March 4 last year, Councilor Wendy van Eijk (portfolio manager for spatial planning and housing) received the keys to the museum again when the renovation project was completed. She then handed it over to Culture Rapporteur Van de Loo.

Building credit and contributions

In October 2017, the municipality provided a construction loan of 4.1 million euros, which was later increased to 5.3 million euros. 1.1 million EUR of this is a contribution from the province of Limburg from the grant fund “strengthening the city center”. This credit was further increased by € 300,000 from the BPD Culture Fund, the VSB Fund and an additional provincial contribution in the form of a restoration grant. Renovation and renewal of Museum W was carried out within the available budget.

Presentation permanent collection

Museum W presents its permanent collection based on a cultural-historical route along the important life themes ‘Identity’ and ‘The Meaning of Purpose’. Everyone needs to relate to these themes, no matter who you are or where you come from. The setup lets visitors experience how your identity is formed, what matters to you, and what affects you. The presentation is based on a rich collection that originally had several faces: regional, historical and religious. From prehistoric urns to richly crafted silverware in an intriguingly designed treasure chest. Paintings, sculptures, utensils and special gems from more than seven centuries are discussed.

Official opening

The museum and opening exhibition will be officially opened on Saturday 30 April with a festive gathering for invited guests at the Mint Theater in Weert. From Tuesday, May 3, the public can visit the museum.

Opening of exhibitions

Forever Endeavor | Job Smeets & Studio Job 03.05 – 02.10.22

Museum W’s renewed exhibition program starts with the special opening exhibition Forever Endeavor. Modern design at the interface between design and art, exciting and narrative, humorous with a dark side, robust and multifaceted: it briefly characterizes Job Smeets, the man behind Studio Job. This internationally acclaimed artist / designer is originally from Weert. He created an exciting exhibition for Museum W as a total experience, full of personal and Weerter references. Step into Job Wonder’s wonderful world and discover his iconic design objects, his roots and sources of inspiration.

Look out into space | Satin Panyigay 03.05 – 28.08.22

The small exhibition Gaze into Space can be seen in the former council chamber of Museum W, with a selection of recent works by Dutch-Hungarian photographer Satijn Panyigay. Photograph that beautifully captures the ‘soul’ of an empty building or interior.

It lost spring. Lost year Emily Bates 11.03 – 31.07.22

The video project Lost Spring can be seen in the façade of Museum W in Weert. Lost Year by artist / photographer Emily Bates exhibited. The animation of 52 self-portraits with ‘masks’ of collected flora refers to a year of Covid-19 pandemic.

Museum W is open from Tuesday 3 May from Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00 to 17:00 and is located at Meikoel 2 in Weert.

Visit Museum W. for free

In early May, a Museum W newspaper will be distributed door-to-door in Weert and Nederweert. This includes a golden ticket for 2 people to visit the museum for free. Valid until 30 June 2022. Copies of the Museum W newspaper can also be picked up from Monday 2 May at Museum W and City Hall in Weert.

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