Terra computers are responding to the trend rationalization of IT hardware

What is now also starting to stand out in the smartphone and tablet market has been the case for laptops, servers and computers for a while: the technological curve is flattening out considerably. And that while we have not started using many new applications outside of some Office365, the internet and the use of some ERP applications. We are spending more and more time on our IT hardware, simply because a 2016 laptop is still working well. The German premium A-brand Terra Computers responds well to this by producing extremely powerful machines at competitive prices. It strives to offer the lowest TCO on the market.

German quality

Terra Computers is not as well established in the Netherlands as it is in Germany. But the Dutch organization led by director Fred Slijkhuis is making good progress. They have been on the move with a close-knit core team that has grown steadily for a number of years, but now they have the wind at their backs. This is due, firstly, to the fact that more and more organizations are rationalizing and switching to hardware procurement, while the name and quality of Terra is becoming increasingly well-known. Fred Slijkhuis explains: “You do not have to explain to anyone in the Netherlands that the Germans make high-quality products. This applies to cars, machines, equipment and also what Wortmann AG makes and assembles at our headquarters. This is what this family business in Hüllhorst does, relatively close to about 75 km past Osnabrück. Much of Terra Computers’ hardware today also comes largely in components from the Far East, but is assembled and / or inspected under the strictest quality requirements. The biggest challenge we always have is to explain that we are an absolute A-brand, but at competitive prices. Fortunately, Terra in the Netherlands now also has the status of a Premium A brand, just like in Germany. ”

Great in Germany

Wortmann AG is one of the most successful independent German IT companies with a turnover of 700 million in 2017. As a manufacturer, distributor and cloud service provider, Wortmann serves approximately 15,000 dealers throughout Europe with more than 600 employees. Its own brand TERRA, with tablets, notebooks, PCs, workstations, servers, storage, thin clients and LCDs, is assembled in Germany and sold exclusively through its own partner network. For TERRA CLOUD, there is a large in-house data center in Hüllhorst. The editors of Dutch IT-channel and Dutch Connect have already had the honor of participating in the annual partner day on a number of occasions. Aside from the fact that the meeting is massive, the enormous ties that this family business has to its partners are particularly striking. The Dutch partners present have also built a strong relationship with Wortmann AG and the Terra brand. Partner from the beginning in the Netherlands and director of the Celebrity ICT group, Martin Eggengoor, says when asked about Wortmann AG: “It is a strong club to work with. You can of course order IT equipment anywhere, but at Wortmann you will find 100% partnership. In our sector, it is no longer just about delivering that server, computer, LCD monitor, laptop or tablet. Uptime, maintenance and easy management, that’s what it’s all about. But the stable range and quality in combination means that you really stand together for a long time. Many of my clients do not buy any hardware quickly, but want a long-term plan that focuses on the lowest possible TCO. This certainly applies to large organizations such as hospitals, schools and municipalities. Terra is already big there. I also work very well with the Dutch team in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. This is optimally thought out. It works very well. ”


Fred Slijkhuis is clearly pleased with the compliments Terra receives from the partners present in Hüllhorst: “We are a 100% partner company. You will not encounter Terra in MediaMarkt. Prices are stable and the new models are introduced to the market at a normal pace, which creates peace of mind. In addition, thanks to the direct lines to production in Germany, we can also ensure easy and very flexible adaptation. For example, we build a lot of systems based on Build to Order. This is truly special work, because we assemble exactly according to the user’s wishes / requirements. At its core, Terra stands for quality, flexibility and a low TCO. Remember that, and call us and we’ll definitely get started. “

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