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Come and watch movies, enjoy an Easter oratorio, get sucked into a search for gender and identity or confront the unknown. Enjoy the culture of Friesland for the next few days.

When the wheat grain dies

When the wheat grain dies is an oratorio for Shrove Tuesday and Easter. The lyrics are by Marijke de Bruijne, the music by Anneke van der Heide, Peter Rippen and Chris van Bruggen. The oratorio is performed by an ad hoc choir conducted by Henk Bijma and consists of parties for Ash Wednesday, Palm Easter, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, South Jutland Saturday and Easter.

Three themes are addressed. As the first theme, the life of Jesus is followed from the first proclamation of his suffering. Jesus often says things that neither his audience at that time nor we understand. He is aware of the inner peace of man, but does not exclude the social and political conditions of his time from his deliberations and actions. Here is the central text of the oratorio: Unless the grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it becomes by itself, but when it dies, it bears much fruit. The second theme is the recognition that suffering and death are a part of life. The third theme is the celebration of the great event of death and resurrection, renewal and rebirth. In liturgy and tradition, the history of passion and Easter has also acquired this significance.

Drachten – Grote Kerk, tor, fri kl. 19.30, Sat at 21.30, Sun at 11, free

Watch short Dutch films

Want to see the very best Dutch short films? You do that during Shortcutz International Audience Award. New Noardic Wave and Shortcutz Amsterdam present the seven nominees for the best short film of the year in a collection. Once you’ve seen the collection, vote for your favorite. The seven nominees are: Birdland – Ashgan El-Hamus, Camouflage – Remco Polman and Jantiene de Kroon, Free Fall – Emmanuel Tenenbaum, Last Ride – Edson da Conceicao, Marlon Brando – Vincent Tilanus, Wall # 4 – Lucas Camps.

Shortcutz Amsterdam is a platform for new Dutch film talents. Every year, they ask a worldwide audience what their favorite Dutch short film is. It involves collaboration with 30 national and international partners. The nominated films will be shown in more than 16 cities worldwide. Also tomorrow in Poppodium Neushoorn in Leeuwarden. The final winner will be announced during the ninth Shortcuts Amsterdam Annual Awards on May 1st.

Leeuwarden – Rhinoceros, Thurs 17.30-23.00, free

become who you are

A trans son and his mother on the floor together in a theater documentary. His search for gender and identity and her response as a mother is central. What impact does having a family have on you? IN With Without Balls you see an ever-shining child and a mother confused as she can barely keep up with his pace.

A theatrical mix of personal reflections, gripping funny confrontations and informative facts. With room for all misunderstandings, worries and clichés, this performance provides an open and loving insight into a child’s changing reality. Recognizable to trans children and their parents, enriching for all curious young people and adults. The son’s name is Flip Zonne Zuijderland (1998), and he is an aspiring filmmaker and performer. The mother is Inez Derksen (1967), artistic director of Het Laagland. Since his theater education, Derksen has no longer been on stage himself. It felt like it was urgent to share their personal stories meaning Inez and Flip are now coming out of the wings together.

Drachten – De Lawei, Thurs 20.30, 10 euros

Esther de Jong and Marrit Jellema in the living room theater

singer-songwriter Esther de Jong has recently visited different places to present his songs in an intimate atmosphere, each time with a different Leeuwarden guest poet or musician. Tomorrow she closes the series together with word artist Marrit Jellema.

A difficult period is behind us, and De Jong will, among other things, enter into a dialogue with visitors about how they experienced the unpleasant period and how they now see the future. This is illustrated by Marrit Jellema with her special texts. Sign up via or via 06-54763154.

Cornjum – Stueteater De Wier, tors kl. 20, free

Confrontation with the unknown

In the performance No bodies Compagnie 21, a professional company consisting of eleven dancers and three live musicians led by choreographer Jordy Dik, is looking for who they want and must be. Alone and together. Without velvet gloves, they confront the unknown. They want to make tangible what usually remains invisible and thus unknown. Then everything automatically gets a new face.

Compagnie 21 is a professional company characterized by the organic collection of different worlds. The hard core of Compagnie 21 is made up of people with disabilities who have been trained for years at Theaterwerkplaats Tiuri. The company gives them the opportunity to show the professional theater world what they have to offer.

Leeuwarden – De Harmonie, Thurs 20.30, 19.50 euros

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