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May 8, 14:49


‘A great attraction!’

By Kyra Broshuis

LIEVELDE – The days when buses full of tourists came to the museum at Erve Kots in Lievelde are coming back. That is the expectation and intention of the Bernard Weenink Foundation, operator of the Achterhoek Open Air Museum, the new name of the museum in Erve Kots. The focus is on farm life in Achterhoek over the years with an insight into the present. The museum in Achterhoek is beautifully situated around Erve Kot’s grounds. The farm has been owned by the Weenink family for 3 generations. The museum was officially recognized as an open-air museum in 1936. Bernard Weenink (1880-1962) was the founder of this particular museum.

Coffee with pills
Friday afternoon was the festive opening of the renovated museum. About 80 guests had turned up to see for themselves what the museum looks like now. As usual at Erve Kots, they were welcomed with coffee and pills. Among them is Mayor Annette Bronsvoort. She congratulates the Weenink family on the opening and says she is proud of the results of the hard work of many volunteers. “I was allowed to take a preview and I can tell you it looks amazing! As mayor, I stand here with pride; we are an event community with innovation and activity in a beautiful landscape. Achterhoek’s Open Air Museum has all these characteristics. Any visitor who wants to experience Achterhoek should be here at Erve Kots. Achterhoek is again a big attraction. ”

Back to the old visitor numbers
The Bernard Weenink Foundation wants to make the museum future-proof and return to the old visitor numbers from the 1970s and 1980s. To achieve this, Renze de Vries from DST, a recognized experience agency from Amsterdam, was hired. De Vries explains: “We made a plan together and then made manuscripts, construction drawings and other preparations. We will as far as possible cooperate with local parties and always go for quality. That’s why we called in Christof Elsinghorst from SomethingAnders from Groenlo. For the recording of the audio tour and the film, we sought collaboration with Willem te Molder and Hans Keuper. ”

Achterhoek dialect
A tour of the renovated museum starts with a so-called mindset experience. An impressive warm-up of about 5 minutes with light, sound and objects. The route through the museum has been adjusted chronologically, and the audio tour can be heard in Dutch, German and Achterhoek dialect. The children’s playground has been renovated and offers lots of play, climbing and daring fun. There is also a special children’s puzzle. At the end of the museum there is a track where you can listen to Achterhoek sagas. It is not quite finished yet, says De Vries. “We still want to make special exhibitions about ‘farmers with side jobs’ and ‘party on the farm’. With the latter, we can explain the concept of neighborliness even better. There will also be a good educational children’s education. We hope to be able to achieve this this year. ” The foundation will also arrange events that match the museum.

Wander Weenink, treasurer of the Bernard Weenink Foundation, talks about the choice of a new name for the museum. “Unlike the inn, the museum was not very visible at all. The question was: what does Erve Kots really mean? We hope that the renewed museum with a new name will provide more clarity. My father Gerard meant a lot to the museum until he was very old. He was a man on a mission and we want to do justice to his inheritance. It is not for nothing that Erve Kots … ”

Open day this Sunday
Curious about Achterhoek’s open-air museum? It is open on Sunday 15 May and the museum is freely accessible to everyone from 12:00 to 18:00. Students from Graafschap College are present to demonstrate various ancient crafts. The well-known historic rose oil mill is also put into operation.

Dialektkredsens Musikfestival is also held that day at Erve Kots. You can book tickets for that event via

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