Garden Gourmet introduces crispy vegetables

Garden Gourmet Crunchy Veggies are cooked sous-vide

Introduction – Garden Gourmet introduces a new innovation: Crunchy Veggies. A mixture of ready-cut, marinated vegetables and legumes, which makes it easy to make a vegetable-rich meal.

The pre-cut mixture is prepared sous-vide so that the vegetables and legumes retain a crispy bite. The Crunchy Veggies were developed through Nestlé’s R + D Accelerator program, which is part of Nestlé Research & Development. The goal of this program is to implement innovations in food and beverage based on the test & learn principle, according to the food company. A group of in-house innovators with a passion for food collaborate on disruptive products, testing them with consumers and

Oliver Nussli, Research & Development Accelerator Lead at Nestlé R&D in Singen, Germany: “Our focus is to deliver plant-based innovations, including vegetable-based products, to help more people embrace plant-based diets. Thanks to a test & learn approach and our plant-based R&D expertise, we are able to quickly bring a wide range of alternatives to meat, fish and dairy products to market, for example, we launched ‘Wunda’ plant-based milk based on pea protein within six months and VUNA, an alternative to tuna, within for 9 months. “

low in calories

The Crunchy Veggies are available in Mediterranean or Indian marinades and form the basis of healthy recipes and are a low-calorie source of fiber and protein. Each pack contains 225 grams of vegetables and 100 grams of legumes – without preservatives.

Source: Nestlé / @ FoodClicks

Author: Steffen van Beek

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