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The folk high school has established a new grant scheme, the program grant scheme Cultuurplan ‘Culture makes Haarlem’ 2022-2024. It is a new grant that Haarlem Municipality provides more space for innovation and experiments, enables more collaboration and stimulates the art climate. The program grants are open to decision-makers and cultural organizations who want to contribute to the ambitions of the cultural plan ‘Culture makes Haarlem’, which was adopted by the City Council last year.

Councilor Meijs (Culture): “There are so many valuable cultural initiatives that meet the needs of new audiences. This new grant was created to provide more room for innovation and creativity.The program appropriations are intended for long-term joint programs by several parties. With this grant, different parties can cooperate more and more structurally: supported and unsupported organizations, large and small and cultural and social organizations.

How does it work?
On Haarlem Municipality’s website, applicants can submit an application until 1 June. The conditions and criteria for each ambition in Cultuurplan Haarlem to obtain this grant are set out in the program’s grant scheme. This can be found on the website The grant is intended for a three-year education. The maximum amount per application is 150,000 euros for three years (this is a maximum of 50,000 euros per year).

Applicants prepare an activity program that implements one or more ambitions in the Culture Plan. The application must state how the conditions for the relevant ambitions, the goals and intended results, the collaboration with partners in the city and the continued development of the activity program and your organization and thus the contribution to Haarlem’s cultural sector are met. The application also requests a budget and financing plan and an accompanying explanation for the period 2022-2024, showing that the amount applied for is realistic and necessary for the implementation of the program.

Culture makes Haarlem
The program grants are part of the Culture Plan ‘Culture makes Haarlem 2022-2028’, which was adopted last year. This plan aims at more cooperation, more culture in the neighborhoods, more space for culture creators and cultural programming, strengthening the connection between care, welfare and culture and strengthening cultural education.

Other cultural grants
The program grants are in addition to the existing cultural grants. For example, a number of organizations and parties receive structural, multi-year grants. They constitute the so-called basic cultural infrastructure (BIS). In addition, there is a Cultural Stimulation Fund for short-term projects (project grants).

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