Open day ‘Art in Rijselstraat’ on Saturday 21 May

In May, four new Ypres hotspots for art lovers will open their doors in the Rijselstraat: the art galleries ‘Frock Gallery’ and ‘Reichmanns’, Kunstenhuis Satelliet.K and in addition to Sint-Pieterskerk also a house with art ‘R121’, which opens in the autumn. On Saturday 21 May, Ypres By, together with the three art initiatives, will arrange the joint open day ‘Kunst i Rijselstraat’.

“It is fantastic to see that the seed that we have planted with Kunstenhuis Satelliet.K is spreading,” says culture spokesman Valentijn Despeghel (Vooruit). “As a city councilor, we had never dreamed that our initiative would be followed up by three other art galleries on the same street. In addition to space to create in the art house, the galleries ensure that we create an extra layer in the tourism area, as it is already worth experiencing an art day in Ypres. ”

Frock Gallery

“The Art Gallery Frock Gallery at Rijselstraat 26 has the ambition of making contemporary art truly accessible to the general public and bringing promising contemporary artists into contact with their audiences. The core of the gallery is ‘It is the people who create the magic’. This forms the backbone of the construction of the gallery, the events, the exhibitions and the communication. ”

In addition to surprising exhibitions of contemporary art, Frock Gallery also integrates an art shop into the gallery. A real shop where the local community, day tourists and big city travelers can go for a highly original and artistic gift. The ‘Frock Gallery’ initiative comes from American artist Matthew J. Frock and his wife and entrepreneur Annelies Deltour. Info at “


“Reichmann’s Art Gallery brings together artist, art and art lover. In Rijselstraat 27B, Reichmanns presents a unique collection of works of art by contemporary artists. A platform for artists at all levels: international, national, local, new and established. Solo projects or unique collaborations. ”

“The gallery brings imagination and positivity with a wide range of works of art, including paintings, sculptures and three-dimensional works. Each work of art comes with a certificate of authenticity. The goal is to offer a fresh look at contemporary art from a wide range of artists and exhibitions. Info at www. ”

121 kr

“A project with a passion for art, carried by people with the same purpose, wants to (co-) introduce, stimulate and facilitate the creation and experience of art in all its forms of expression. In a house located in Rijselstraat 121, the R121 provides (exhibition) infrastructure, and the non-profit organization (under formation) organizes exhibitions and artistic events. The initiators are the artist Filip De Cock and his partner Bea Van Imschoot, who will be responsible for a social pedagogical test based on her professional life. ”

“R121 is currently still under renovation, but will open the door on 21 May (farm) for a first acquaintance with art in the workplace. The official opening and start-up is planned for the autumn of 2022. Questions and info: ”

Kunsthuset ‘Satelliet.K’

“Kunsthuset ‘Satelliet.K’ is an initiative from the city of Ypres. It will be the place where visual artists from Ypres and the surrounding area can create and meet. Before the renovation of Ypres by Belle-Godshuis and the neighboring building at Rijselstraat 40 in Ypres. The art house comprises 10 studios that artists can rent, a multifunctional (work) space, an exhibition space and a studio for artists in residence. The studios are rented out from July. Artists can submit an application at ”

“All galleries and the art house open their doors between 10 am and 6 pm. Admission is free and everyone is welcome. Visitors enjoy a jazzy atmosphere with music, a drink and especially art in the heart of Ypres. You will find all information about the opening day via (EF)

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