And suddenly the Ypres Rijselstraat resembles Montmartre, thanks to three galleries and the Kunstenhuis: “As a city, we never dared dream of this” | Ypres

YpresCultural Councilor Valentijn Despeghel (Vooruit) is over the moon now that Ypres is getting a real art district. In Rijselstraat, not only will the Kunstenhuis ‘Satteliet.K’ open its doors, but three new galleries will also be established. All art initiatives are festively presented on May 21st.

Rijselstraat is gradually becoming the art street in the city of Ypres. The Reichmann’s Gallery recently opened its doors there, and the Kunstenhuis ‘Satellite.K.’ is directly opposite. to find. Art is also the key word elsewhere in the street.

“Until recently, artists had insufficient opportunities in Ypres,” says Alderman of Culture Valentijn Despeghel (Vooruit), himself a great art lover. “It made me think about what we could give to give those people here opportunities.” The result of all that thinking was the art house ‘Satelliet.K’. It was housed in the building where the thrift store used to be. “An ideal location next to the empty chapel of the historic Bellegodshuis,” councilors said. The city council transformed the space into 10 studios that artists can rent from July 1st. In addition, there is a multi-work space, an exhibition space and a studio artists in the residence

Honoré d’O

“It doesn’t stop there, though. When the news of the art house became known, I quickly got a phone call from Annelies Deltour from Langemark. Annelies told me she wanted to do something about art and asked if we could work together. A few months later I got another phone call, but this time from Filip De Cock and Bea Van Imschoot, who also came up with an initiative like Myriam Boudry, who recently opened the Reichmanns gallery. The potter Sarah Vanhamme also lives on the street. St. Peter’s Basilica, a little further away, can be used as an exhibition space and here you can see the Honoré d’Os artwork. ‘Satellite.K’ wants to act as a bit of a focal point for those projects “, explains Despeghel. “It is fantastic to see that the seed we have planted with the art house is spreading. As a city councilor, we had never dreamed that our initiative would be followed up by three art galleries on the same street. ”

Frock Gallery

Art Gallery Frock Gallery is located at Rijselstraat 26. “We have the ambition to make contemporary art truly accessible to the general public,” says Matthew J. Frock and his wife and Annelies Deltour. Matthew is an American who met Annelies during a trip to France and thus ended up in our own. “In addition, it is our intention to bring promising contemporary artists into contact with their audiences. The core of the gallery is ‘It is the people who create the magic’† This forms the backbone of the construction of the gallery, the events, the exhibitions and the communication. ” In addition to contemporary art exhibitions, Frock Gallery integrates an art shop into the space. “A real store where the community, day and city tourists can go for a highly original and artful gift,” according to Matthew and Annelies.

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Artist David Debusseré exhibits in the Reichmannsgalerij gallery © Henk Deleu


Reichmann’s art gallery brings together artists, art and art lovers. “In Rijselstraat 27B, we present a unique collection of works of art by contemporary artists,” says initiator Myriam Boudry. “It is a platform for artists at all levels: international, national, local, new and established. We deliberately chose one from outside Westhoek: David DeBusseré from Ghent. Our goal is to bring the business world and the art world closer together. We do this through workshops such as ‘how do you insure art?’ In the autumn we organize a ‘dîner en intimite’, where we invite people with different backgrounds. The intention is that there is no network. Only at the end of the evening are the participants allowed to say what they do in life. ”

121 kr

R121 is a little further down the street. “With our project, we can connect perfectly with what Myriam is doing in Reichmanns,” says artist Filip De Cock and his partner Bea Van Imschoot. “There is a need to give young and less young artists the opportunity to show their work. We found a place in Rijselstraat 121 – of which R121 – where we would like to create the opportunity. However, we are not a gallery, but a non-profit organization. The commercial aspect is not really present with us. Artists have the opportunity to offer their work. ” R121 is currently still being completely renovated, but will open its (farm) door on 21 May for a first acquaintance with art on the construction site floor. The official opening and start-up is planned for the autumn of 2022. The other initiatives will also open on 21 May between 10 am and 6 pm. Visitors can enjoy a jazzy atmosphere with music, a drink and especially art in the heart of Ypres. All info via

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Ten rooms in Kunstenhuis were furnished as studios.
Ten rooms in Kunstenhuis were furnished as studios. © Patrick Sennesael

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