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‘What some sweet people the skaters are, without arrogance and with such a fine appearance’ and ‘See them now: the new moral knights of VI Today, better known today as the self-proclaimed three wise men of the East’: these are some answers on news topics that engage readers. Below are the letters that appeared in the newspaper on Thursday, February 10th. You can send a reply yourself via

Olympic Games | Football players can learn something from that

‘Cold Heroes’ (9-2 AD). How a pleasure it is to see the Dutch win these medals. But also the interviews after the victory. What sweet people the skaters are. They all speak good Dutch, without arrogance and with such a nice appearance. All. Irene Schouten, Sven Kramer, despite her disappointing result, Ireen Wüst, Kjeld Nuis and Thomas Krol. I think a lot of professional footballers can learn a lesson from this. Thanks to our skaters.

Anita Remmerswaal, Wassenaar.

Olympic Games II | Judgment, mockery of ice skating

Ireen Wüst won gold at the Olympics for the fifth time in a row. Valentijn Driessen asked on Monday night in the talk show VI Today a little scornfully what it says about skating. Messi and Ronaldo have dominated the selection for Footballer of the Year since 2008. I would like to hear from Valentijn Driessen what it says about football.

Tamme Bergsma, Highland.

Marc Overmars | Terrible for the family

‘Always a cup of coffee, never a moral compass’ (9-2 AD). How is it possible that Marc Overmars did not see sending dickpics as a cross-border behavior? What stone has he hidden under? Or did he think he could get away with it given his position? He asks everyone to leave him and his family alone. In the same way he left the employees alone? Terrible when it happens to your wife and kids. I wish them a lot of strength.

Corrie Lammers, Amersfoort.

Marc Overmars II | Will we soon end up in a cold society?

More and more men are falling down from the high monkey rock. The ink off votescandals are hardly dry when the next report comes from the sports world with the departure of Marc Overmar. And on Tuesday, PvdA MP Gijs van Dijk resigned, also due to cross-border behavior. Dramatic. I wondered which industry is next. Education? The pharmaceutical sector? If this is the tip of the iceberg, many more can follow. Or will we all go crazy after every unsolicited touch? We almost forgot to touch after two years with corona. Will we end up in a cold society full of mistrust? We probably get a new problem: dealing with each other unnaturally and stressed.

Truus Groothuis, Culemborg.

VI today | Suddenly woman-friendly

‘WE SCORE: You never know what to expect’ (AD 8-2). Look at them now: VI Today’s new moral knights: Bald, Mustache, Babyface, better known today as the self-proclaimed Three Wise Men from the East. How feminine-friendly all of a sudden. It has been different. For years, they have ‘delighted’ us with football canteen humor, sexist to the core. Bad language entertainers of the worst kind. A decent woman did not even dare to listen, for oh darling, there was another ‘joke’ about a horny lady, about spicy experiences of (former) colleagues, about football players and coaches and their ‘dedication’ on evenings in nightclubs. Gosh, what a bulge they were week after week. Haven’t they been leading the way for years by simply embracing the sexist climate of the football world and bringing juicy stories of female morality as a weekly highlight? That was part of it.

Mrs. Van Dijk, Utrecht.

VI Today II | No better sleeping pill

What an honest article about VI Today. Eus and Angela put it perfectly: exciting, never predictable. These men, who can not always get along, are capable of making humorous television. According to viewers, they score well, also in the Olympic television violence. With VI Today, I end the day with a happy tone. There is no better sleeping pill.

Ferry Visser, Dordrecht.

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