Saturday 14 May: open day at the Grensland Museum

May 9 at 6 p.m.


DINXPERLO – On Saturday 14 May, the Borderland Museum is free for all residents of Dinxperwick.

By Marijke Verschoor-Boele

Employees, volunteers, at the Borderland Museum are often told by neighbors or acquaintances from Dinxperlo and Suderwick: “The Borderland Museum? It’s right there in the Market near the church, right? No, I’ve never been there. “Everyone knows where the Borderland Museum is. But visiting a museum in your own hometown? That’s often not the case. Daily worries have priority, and if there is some time left, they are more likely to that people go on a bike ride or sit on a terrace.

The board of the Borderland Museum considers it important that residents of Dinxperlo, De Heurne and Suderwick have the opportunity to see their newly decorated museum without a financial barrier to buy a ticket. Borderland Museum is about ‘Our Dinxperwick’!

Completely renewed
The Borderland Museum has been completely redesigned with new showcases, new panels, adapted LED lighting and three new exhibitions. What a work in which the museum’s volunteers have invested a lot of time and energy.

The museum has three exhibitions, a temporary exhibition about the vegetable auction in Dinxperlo, an exhibition about the history of the border and an exhibition about customs and smugglers. Attention is not only focused on the history of the border in Holland and Dutch customs. The history of the other side of the Heelweg is also discussed, and through a donation, the museum has received a unique collection of artifacts from German customs.

Objects and stories
In this way, the Borderland Museum tells the story and life on the border. It also makes it interesting for residents of Dinxperlo and Suderwick to come and see. With its objects and stories, the museum evokes memories of times when the customs were outwitted, but also of the dark days of World War II and the time after the annexation. Of course, emphasis is also placed on the current cross-border cooperation. In short, you see a story that has marked many here on the border area. People often recognize family or friends in pictures, and then the stories follow naturally.

Also for children
The Borderland Museum is not only interesting for adults. Children often no longer know the border and the borderline experience. It is normal for them to speak German on one side of the Heelweg and Dutch on the other. There are yellow crosses on the road, but the meaning often escapes them. The museum believes it is important to give children the borderline experience as well. It is special that today we can live side by side and with each other, it is possible here, but unfortunately this is not the case everywhere.

All visitors to the Borderland Museum can participate in a competition on Saturday 14 May. Who remembers it: in the past, when people crossed the border, the passport had to be presented, and sometimes a stamp was put in it. This is now only known from passport control at airports. The fact that customs such as stamping can already be seen at the entrance to the museum. The museum has therefore devised a competition: Count the number of stamps that can be found at the museum. Two free entrance tickets to the Borderland Museum will be drawn among the correct registrations.

Living in Dinxperlo, De Heurne or Suderwick? Then combine a bike ride or a drink on a terrace on Saturday 14 May with a free visit to the Borderland Museum in Dinxperlo.

Opening hours
The Borderland Museum in Dinxperlo is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10.30 to 16.30 and Sunday from 13.30 to 16.30. For more information, see the website:

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