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This afternoon at 12.30 in the court in Almelo is the moment of truth. For alleged shooters Bert-Jan V. and Maikel TT from Hengelo. But just as much for the victims themselves: curator Philippe Schol and his partner. Does the court rule that the two Hengelo residents are guilty of the attack on Schol’s life?

According to the prosecution, there could be no doubt: Bert-Jan ten V. (48) and Maikel TT (32) are jointly responsible for the failed assassination attempt on curator Philippe Schol. During the January 27 hearing, the Attorney General demanded a 23-year prison sentence for Ten V. and 18 years in prison for his comrade TT.

five shots

Plaice was shot on November 6, 2019 near his home in Gronau while walking his dog. The perpetrators fired five times from a silver-gray Volkswagen Polo. Schol was seriously injured but survived the attack.

The prosecution also believes there is sufficient evidence to convict Ten V. of having shot at a gym in Losser on October 11, 2019. Because people were inside, it is also an attempted murder, the officer said.

During the January 27 meeting, the Attorney General demanded a 23-year prison sentence for Ten V. and 18 years in prison for his comrade TT. Today, the court in Almelo will make a decision at 12.30. © Adrien Stanziani


Both suspects denied all charges in the court in Almelo. Their lawyers say there is no hard evidence. Ten V. would say he had borrowed his Polo, but otherwise kept his mouth shut. He is afraid that everything he says will end up with the wrong people. It’s dangerous for him and his family. He said he would rather risk jail time.

bulletproof jacket

Schol and his partner said during the hearing that their carefree existence is over. There is a lot of pain, emotional and financial damage. The client is still free. But Schol is determined: “I will never stop working as a curator, I will not be intimidated.”

The attack, according to Schol, had a heavy emotional and financial burden. “Also on my partner. She has a husband with less zest for life. I can never do what I used to be able to do. I have to get the best out of it. I hope one day I can walk my dog ​​without a bulletproof jacket. “

Assault on order

The attack on Schol and the shooting in the gym was ordered by a third party, the public prosecutor’s office said. The presumed client would be former gym owner Ronald B. from Deurningen. The complaint that Philippe Schol filed against B. was probably the cause of the attack. Schol suspects B. of bankruptcy fraud and that he used the gyms to launder money.

Ronald B. would have hired two brothers from Hengelo as possible murder brokers. The criminal investigation of these individuals is still ongoing, the officer said during the session. Another criminal case is pending against B., where he is suspected of bankruptcy fraud, money laundering and a hash nursery in his farm in Deurningen.

Read the full session report in the live blog.

In the video below, press prosecutor Menno Hoekstra explains why the prosecution demands 23 and 18 years in prison against the two suspects.

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