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The two successful late night shows were a bit at odds with each other last night. Arjen Lubach ridiculed the gambling commercials in his broadcast and also grabbed Today inside on. Wilfred Genee and Johan Derksen then reacted – mockingly – to the NPO’s ‘blaag’ live in the broadcast: “Why does such a man do that, dude?”

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In his introductory speech, Arjen Lubach discussed the many player commercials on television last night. Justice Minister Franc Weerwind announced that he plans to ‘completely ban the use of role models in high-risk gambling’ from June. The Minister would like to find out who those role models are in the coming period.

Lubach already gave a small push by naming Andy van der Meijde, Wesley Sneijder, Jack van Gelder and Kim Feenstra as role models. But then he also focused on the talk show, which is also broadcast live on another channel. “You can also find them outside the advertising break. They just gamble on live TV. “A fragment was then started where Johan Derksen, Wilfred Genee, Hélène Hendriks and René van der Gijp fill in Toto.

“So it’s some dirty rich football boomers who get paid by a state-owned company to promote gambling,” Lubach said. “Now we still say: ‘Johan Derksen smoked during the broadcast’.” It showed an old photo of the mustache-like opinion maker, which he then sipped on a cigar with an overweight build. Lubach: ,, Even then an excellent role model by the way. And soon we will say: ‘Johan Derksen used to play during the broadcast’. You really can not imagine this anymore. ”


Lubach’s item accidentally fell off during the commercial break Today inside† After the break, Wilfred Genee returns to the words on NPO 1. ,, Johan, you have just been ridiculed by Arjen Lubach about the Toto. They even had a picture of you wearing King Toto’s crown. First, they showed a picture of you when you were still 200 kilos with a cigar. And that you were once again a role model with your King Toto throne. ”

Derksen does not seem so worried and reacts scornfully: “The respect is completely gone in this country. An icon for Dutch television is being ridiculed by a scourge. “

At the end of the broadcast, the gentlemen return to the satirical point again. Genee to Derksen: “You have to get over Lubach’s story, I can imagine.” His colleague mockingly and with exaggeration: “I’m really excited now. I’m sleeping in a hotel because I have to leave tomorrow Toothache (program on NPO 3, ed.). But I’m not in the mood for it now Toothache† All motivation is gone. Why does such a man make that guy. “Then laughs:” Let him fall dead! “

Both it Evening show with Arjen Lubach if Today inside is a huge success on NPO 1 and SBS 6, respectively. The comedian scores more than a million viewers almost every night, and Derksen and his colleagues make sure that their channel registers stable numbers between 600,000 and one million interested. Last night, nearly 1.1 million viewers turned on Lubach, Today inside attracted 621,000 people.

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