MORE Excursions in Groningen and Drenthe: five tips

Serafino String Trio. Photo: Maurice Lammerts van Bueren

Visit growers and gardeners in Meeden, listen to the women of the Serafino string trio or take part in a portrait photography workshop. There is again plenty to do in Groningen and Drenthe.

Northern Nursery Days in Meeden

This weekend, forty international growers and gardeners can be found in Meeden below the northern nursery days. Visitors will find plant stands, garden items, art and lectures as well as lectures and culinary contributions. Participating growers will bring their personal favorites and new varieties to Meeden, where the event revolves around new and unknown plants. In total, more than 5000 different plant species are exhibited and sold.

On Sunday at 2 pm, singer, host and plant lover Hanneke Kappen will hold an interview with Fleur van Zonneveld and Eric Spruit. Their nursery De Kleine Plantage in Eenrum has grown into a hotspot in thirty years.

Meeden – Tuingoed Foltz, Saturday and Sunday at 10.00-17.00, 5 euros (members 3.50 euros)

800 years of music with Wish song

Wishful Singing consists of five classically trained singers with flawless voices: Anne-Christine Wemekamp, ​​Maria Goetze, Marleen van Os, Stella Brüggen and Marjolein Stots. Full of passion and expression, the various musical styles sing, ranging from works from renaissance and baroque to folk music and close harmony. They also perform modern repertoire of composers such as Kate Moore, Joey Roukens and Steven Kamperman.

Wish song wants to give voice and meaning to what moves and inspires her with her music. The ensemble makes use of the unique power of vocal music, where poetry and composition are part of a special bond. The concert can also be heard on Sunday afternoon in the village church in Haren.

Peize – Church in Peize, Sat at 20.15, 25 euros (up to and including 18 years 10 euros)

Regional product market in the Ewsum castle area

At the castle square in Ewsum a local commodity market is held on Saturdays. The market draws attention to regional and organic products from producers in the region. The purpose of this is to make the public aware of sustainability and to create a platform for regional activities. In addition to regional products, there are also activities in the arts and culture, such as live music.

There are about thirty stalls on the market with regional products like cheese, meat, vegetables, honey, herbs, bread, jam, chutney, plants and more. Between April and September, the market takes place every fourth Saturday of the month. The theme for this edition is spring, and a new greenhouse will be opened on the Borg site. Music is from one to being three.

Middelstum – Borgterrein Ewsum, Saturday at 10-16, free

Workshop portrait photography

On the occasion of the start of the photo exhibition Greetings from to hold Melanie Banis and Meindert Dost a walk-in workshop portrait photography. After a brief introduction to the concepts of perspective and alienation, participants will take portraits in and around De Fabriek. Banis and Dost provide tips for creatively taking portrait photos, creating images that show something about the subject and the environment in an unusual way.

Pictures are taken with your own camera, phone or tablet, but there are also a number of cameras available. The most beautiful pictures are printed on the spot, so there is a small exhibition Greetings from CBK will be added to the exhibition Greetings from. To be sure of a seat, reservations can be made in advance.

Emmen – CBK Emmen (De Fabriek), Sun at 14-16, free

Serafino plays Klein, Beethoven and Mozart

Serafino String Trio is an international ensemble of women from all over the world. The string trio was founded in 2010 by three like-minded musicians: the American Emi Ohi Resnick on violin, the Dutchman Simone van der Giessen on viola and the Israeli Timora Rosler on cello. The women are inspired by the interplay between simplicity and complexity of greats in classical music.

The first part of the concert is filled with works by the Czech composer Gideon Klein and Beethoven. Klein was one of the so-called Theresienstadt composers, artists who were imprisoned in the Czech Terezin camp during World War II. Klein’s string trio is the last work the 26-year-old composer completed before his deportation. After the break, one of Mozart’s chamber musical masterpieces is played: the Divertimento i E-dur KV 563. In contrast to the traditional form, such as Beethoven’s composed string trios, Mozart made a colorful composition of no less than seven movements.

Eelde – Museum Vosbergen, Sat. 20, 20 euros

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