Volunteer millers maintain the Warkense Pier

May 10, 08:09


Come and have a look during National Mill Day

By Liesbeth Spaansen

WARNSVELD / WARKEN – Mills Franck de Hoogh and volunteer Wim Rijsemus from Warkense Molen on Lage Lochemseweg 25 in Warnsveld talk enthusiastically about the ins and outs of this special mill and the National Mill Day event on 14 and 15 May. Extra emphasis will be placed on this particular heritage throughout the Netherlands. In addition to the flour mill, there is a bakery museum and a special potato cellar on site.

In the minutes of the town council meeting in Warnsveld municipality on 20 August 1878, it can be read that Jannes Nijendijk was given permission to build a wind turbine. Warkense Molen is an octagonal earth sailor with four leaves (shelves). “So robust, everything has the function of absorbing all the power,” explains miller Franck. The mill is built at a natural height, which is good for free wind. “That’s why we chose a ground sailor who can be operated from the ground.”

It is a special national monument. “There are few thatched roofs in this region. Especially also: it was probably a polder mill, but it has not yet been fully investigated. At least this mill is not newly built, but built on this site with existing parts.” He points to beams where a piece is missing but which seem to be of no use. “Marks have also been carved to indicate what belonged together, such as ‘IIII’ as the fourth truss.”

Franck de Hoogh is one of the mills that runs Warkense Molen. He lives in Bemmel, just past Arnhem. “I’ve been a miller here for a year now.” He is the head of the Arnhem Fire Brigade. Two years ago, he was asked to teach at the Fire Department in Almen. “It was about reading coordinates, and I also chose the location of this turbine. Later I cycled back to the mill and met the mills Ben ten Barge and Jan Simon. They quickly realized that I was interested in wind turbines. I had passed the turbine exam in 2001, but after that I stopped switching on a turbine due to studies and work. ” Motivated by his wife, he took up his old passion again.

New millers welcome
The foundation is always looking for reinforcements for the mill team. “To staff the mill and the bakery on Saturdays and give guided tours. Because this turbine is located along a busy cycle route, new turbines are highly desired. A spinning mill always invites you to come and see. ”

In addition to the two-year Volunteer Miller course, it will soon be possible to follow the six-day mill guide course. “It would be nice if on a Saturday there was a mill and a mill guide on the mill,” Franck is hopeful. “I know it takes a lot of time, you have to have a mill virus.” The point is that traditional wind turbines still exist.

Bakery Museum
Zutphenees Wim Rijsemus has lived in Warnsveld for many years. “Next to the mill. I started dating Jeanet from the baker,” he laughs. The bakery is no longer there, but the authentic baking oven is housed in the Bakery Museum in Stoltenberg. “It used to be used to store hay on top. “At the bottom were the pigs. When baker Nico Gase in Lochem stopped working, the museum was further furnished with his tools.”

Wim is a regular volunteer in the fund. His wife Jeanet Nijendijk is the daughter of the last baker and is now treasurer. “Her niece Carla Nijendijk is now chairman. She is the daughter of the last miller who turned here. ”

potato cellar
It is the smallest national monument in the Netherlands: the historic potato cellar next to the Warkense Pier. Like the mill, it was probably built in 1878 in a hump. A fundraising campaign has been launched for the restoration of the potato cellar, so that it can be restored at the end of 2022 and can be seen afterwards. Zutphen Municipality has declared the potato cellar the monument of the year.

Opening hours
The mill is open on Saturdays from 10.00 to 16.00 and by appointment. The bakery museum is also open on Saturdays, from April to September.

National Mill Day
During the National Mill Days, Warkense Molen and the Bakery Museum are both open on Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th of May from 10 am to 4 pm. There are guided tours of the mill, and if there is sufficient wind, animal feed is ground. In the bakery, the baker will tell you all about baking.

Warkense Molen’s friends, sponsors, volunteers, noabers, neighborhoods and the Orange Association have been invited to a presentation of their own ‘Warkense Molen Bier’, brewed by Markebier Bryggeriet from Eefde in the former Detmer Barracks, before Sunday afternoon 15 May. . “12 beers are brewed with a connection to the environment. I talked to one of the brewers and now Warkense Molen also has its own beer ”, says Franck de Hoogh satisfied. Ineke Hissink, promoter of the Warken landscape and daughter-in-law of GA Hissink, former chairman of the foundation, receives the first beer.


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