Five Frisian theaters merge in the festival carousel Daytime. Spectacle will travel through the province this fall

Freerunner Fardy from Leeuwarden ‘tumbles’ into the new theater festival The Day after Tomorrow, on the roof of Theater Sneek, under the watchful eye of Frisian theater directors, programmers and theater makers. PHOTO NIELS DE VRIES

Thanks to the province’s corona support for the cultural sector, five Frisian theaters are joining forces in a new festival: The Day after Tomorrow. The theatrical performance will travel through the province this fall.

Piter Wilkens stands on the roof of Teater Sneek. He sings: The things you want to fool † The singer manages to drown out the gusts of wind that whine around the theater and roar over the city roofs: Let us live as if heroes, believe to die with each other

It’s a song by the troubadour especially for the brand new festival The day after tomorrow , an initiative from the five major Frisian theaters (in Sneek, Leeuwarden, Drachten, Heerenveen and Franeker), wrote. This festival, funded by the province’s corona grant, gives theater makers from the region the opportunity to present themselves to the public next fall.

Theater carousel

From September 2 to October 2, for five festival weekends, their performances travel through the province. Festival The day after tomorrow starts in Posthuis in Heerenveen, travels the following weekend for three days to Sneek, then goes to Koornbeurs in Franeker and then settles in Lawei in Drachten. The tour ends in Harmonie in Leeuwarden.

The five theaters work closely together on this theater carousel, which was urgently needed, says Theater Sneek director Wiebren Buma. He and his team sounded a big alarm a year and a half ago, in the middle of the shutdown. ‘Help we go under,’ they told King’s Commissioner Arno Brok. Later, the ‘Big Five’ wrote a letter: they wanted to reconnect with the public and keep the creators at work.

Practical support

The province not only offered a listening ear, but also quickly provided practical support: with a budget to support the network of designers, set designers, lighting and sound engineers. With that money is festival The day after tomorrow funded. The total cost is 400,000 euros, of which 300,000 goes directly to the producers, says Lawei director Stef Avezaat. Each performance receives 60,000 euros, any additional costs are borne by the theaters themselves.

“Without the creators and without our audience, we would be left by the theaters,” Avezaat explains. “The spirit of the times is eager to seize one another.” Buma: “We work together to keep the culture of Friesland alive.” programming flows over, it pushes for young creators, for new productions. Buma: “We will still suffer from the corona changes ‘tomorrow’, but we would like to be there the day after tomorrow.” Hence the name: festival The day after tomorrow

Five seats

On the roof of the Sneker Theater, the five designers presented the plans for their performances on Wednesday morning, all with a social impact. De Lawei presents in collaboration with Jeugdtheater Meeuw a production about newcomers to the city, De Harmonie zooms in on gender issues with Fabian Claes Jansen, in Sneek Tamara Schoppert tells a story with her team based on a bingo session about hidden poverty, Mads Wittermans makes a spectacular show in Franeker about ‘visionary, businessman and astronomer’ Eise Eisenga, in Posthuis Jan Arendz laughs at the performance this autumn The silent trumpet † In between the courses, Wilkens sang his beautiful song, and freerunner Fardy from Leeuwarden made spectacular jumps.

The provincial support means that the cost of the new festival can remain low for visitors. A passepartout for all five performances costs only 35 euros. Admission for a single performance is 15 euros. The bingo show in Sneek costs only 3 euros. And there is a fringe program with visual arts and music that is free to visit.

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