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At Reshift, of course, we also follow what is happening in the world and in Ukraine. The whole of the Netherlands would like to help. You too. But what can you do? Here we list a few options. Far from finished, but it’s a start. And every bit counts!

To donate

More energy for light or telephone can mean the difference between life and death in an emergency. Literally. Help make that difference and buy a powerbank for someone in need. Reshift Digital, publisher of Computer Idee, among others, has therefore started the Power to the People campaign to donate powerbanks to the people of Ukraine.

The fastest and easiest way to help is by donating money. You can do this with the well-known charities:


Refugee work in the Netherlands:


Red Cross:

Giro 555 has also been opened, from the cooperating aid organizations:

In addition, there are smaller initiatives that can be donated to, such as the Ukrainian Foundation in the Netherlands, which wants to use the money raised for the rehabilitation of wounded soldiers, support for refugee children and support for families of fallen soldiers.

Another initiative is Transporteffect & Chauffeursnieuws, which supplies stranded Ukrainian truck drivers with packed lunches and other basic necessities with the money: nederland / -61026 .

Do you want to shop yourself?

If you want to do more than just donate money, there are all sorts of promotions you can join.

– Fundraising campaigns are now being organized almost everywhere in the Netherlands. Information about this can often be found on Facebook, but also local news sites and door-to-door newspapers report on it. You can call your municipality to ask if they are aware of existing initiatives.

– Besides things, you can also give time. There is a massive donation for these actions. This means that the organization often also needs hands to sort and pack things.

Also badly needed is storage space and transport. Do you have an empty shed or shed, or do you have a van and are you willing to drive to Poland, Hungary or one of Ukraine’s other neighboring countries? So sign up for one of the initiatives in your hometown and see what you can do.

– Do you have vacant living areas where refugees could stay temporarily? This can be a room in your house, but also a cottage for example. There are several organizations you can sign up for, such as Takecarebnb. All kinds of civic initiatives have also been launched in recent days, such as Room For Ukraine and Onderdak Ukraine.

The Vluchtelingenwerk website contains a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions about the reception and / or accommodation of refugees.

– You can also make your voice heard during demonstrations, which are currently also being held across the country.

Check your local news sites or door-to-door newspapers to see where you can help in your area.

Help directly

Do you want to help directly? Then look at On this four-language platform (English, Ukrainian, Polish and Czech), both people who have help to offer (such as transport, shelter or specific goods) and Ukrainians who need help can get in direct contact with each other. It can be about large requests for help such as shelter, but also something as simple as a pair of shoes for a small child whose parents were unable to take clothes with them because they had to flee so quickly. Who should you help?

Power to the people

Reshift, publisher of this website, has also created a help campaign: with Power to the people we want to get as many powerbanks to Ukraine as possible, for a charged phone can literally save lives. At the moment, we already have over 2500 donated powerbanks, both from dealers and from you – for which we thank you enormously.

Do you also want to donate a powerbank? You can do this at

Do not follow or spread false news

If you want to know what’s going on, do not rely on vague Facebook rumors or conspiracy theorists on the Internet. Use reliable media. We have gathered some for you. The information is in Dutch or English. Also, do not limit yourself to one source: by using more, you get a clearer picture of what is happening.

Reliable websites are, for example, NOS, BBC, The Kyiv Independent, The New Voice of Ukraine, Bellingcat and The Moscow Times. With regard to the latter: media in Russia may not use certain words of the regulator. War, offensive and invasion are forbidden. The term special surgery should be used instead.

So far (March 2, 2022), the Moscow Times does not seem to care.

The Moscow Times still uses the word invasion, which is banned by the Russian government.

Twitter as a news source

If you’re on Twitter, you can follow the war in Ukraine almost in real time. Many journalists, photographers and war correspondents report on the spot or from neighboring countries. Also President Zelensky, now followed by 4.4 million people, keeps the world informed in both Ukrainian and English. Other relevant Twitter accounts include those of:

• RTL correspondent Jeroen Akkermans

• Wedding reporter Michael Driebergen

• Journalist Harald Doornbos

• News Hour Reporter Gert-Jan Dennekamp

Christopher Miller from BuzzFeedNews

Illia Ponomarenko by Kyiv Independent

Nika Melkozerova from The New Voice of Ukraine.

Derk Sauerthe Dutch founder of The Moscow Times, is also worth following.

Whatever you want to do, do it!

The only thing that is useless is to look helplessly and do nothing. So whether you donate a few euros or drive to Poland by a bus full of things: Дякую!

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