Bart Swings donates Belgium historical gold: ‘Hope the Dutch will give me this’ | winter doctor

winter doctorBart Swings wrote Belgian sports history today by winning Olympic gold at the mass start. “The Dutch did not make it easy for me,” said the 31-year-old Fleming.

As a skater with a flaming last shot, Swings had a simple task: not to let anyone drive away. When Sven Kramer and Jorrit Bergsma set up solid gears, the Belgian did not waver. He closed all the holes and then sprinted to gold. Koreans Chung Jae-won and Lee Seung-hoon won silver and bronze.

“I felt like I was being watched,” Swings told Sporza. “The Dutch have not made it easy for me. 3 to 4 laps from the end I was able to slow down a bit. And so it was. “

Sven Kramer ran his last race with the mass start. See his answer here.

“I thought in advance: today it has to happen,” continues the brand new Olympic champion mass start. “In the end, I showed that I was the strongest. I hope the Dutch will give me this because I have closed many holes in them. It was therefore not an ideal race for me, but it still succeeded. ”

The gold medal was only the second at the Winter Games for Belgium, after figure skaters Micheline Lannoy and Pierre Baugnie in 1948. Belgian figure skater Bart Veldkamp won bronze in 1998 in Nagano at 5000 meters ahead of our southern neighbors.

On day fifteen of the Beijing Olympics, Irene Schouten drove herself to her third gold medal. The Dutch bobbers already came into action last night. Read everything carefully again under this article.

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