Launch of innovative management book on sustainability: ‘Social innovation is indispensable for achieving the sustainability goals’

As sustainability issues become more and more pressing, the call for radically different solutions becomes higher. We need to take a closer look at deeper causes and at changing the rules of the game by better understanding the problems of listening to citizens. These are also the key messages in the new management book “7 Roles for Sustainable Success”, launched today by Carola Wijdoogen from ANBI Foundation Number 5 Foundation.

Carola Wijdoogen (Foundation Number 5): “To find the necessary structural solutions, a different way of working, organizing and mindset is needed. A way of thinking that puts the collective interest above the self-interest, based on the knowledge that sustainability issues can only be solved together from different perspectives. ”

On the occasion of the book’s launch, a diverse group of people enter into dialogue to better understand each other’s perspectives: from (climate) science to government, from social organizations to young people and from people who know from experience what energy poverty is to business. An equal and inclusive dialogue – especially with the people involved – is crucial to truly understanding our sustainability issues and solving them together. And indispensable for current urgent problems such as climate change, energy change, nitrogen crisis, natural gas-free housing and raw material shortages.

Laurentien van Oranje, who founded the Number 5 Foundation together with her husband Constantijn in 2017, is proud of the creation of the book and the collaboration with Carola Wijdoogen. “Carola enriches the team with her expertise in sustainability and systemic thinking. Number 5 is now mainly a free (thinking) space and place for dialogue for players who want to innovate in social issues. Sustainability actors will probably also meet with Carola, who dares to think and act across existing conventions and rules of the game for the benefit of a common interest. ”

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Practical example of integrated collaboration

During the meeting, the creator of the Dutch pavilion at the Dubai Expo 2020 world exhibition will talk about the importance of working together on a larger mission. V8 Architects came up with the circular concept and design for this. Innovative, sustainable solutions in water, energy and food were integrated with each other to create a climate system; a biotope in the desert. Three key elements of the approach of the Bureau International des Expositions (organizer of world exhibitions) award-winning pavilion determine its success:

1) Cooperation

Complex issues do not require a wealth of fragmented, valuable solutions, but rather the coherence between these solutions. An integrated and cross-sectoral collaboration is needed to arrive at an overall approach with which a renewed system can be set up and anchored. A concrete example is the European supply of the pavilion. No qualification requirements had been set in advance, such as revenue and reference projects. They were asked to deliver within preconditions from idea to realization. This approach invites unusual suspects. And that’s exactly why creative companies get the opportunity to innovate and inspire.

2) Unlimited ambitions

The motivation to make a difference combined with boundless ambitions and active directorship formed the basis of the success in Dubai. The conscious search for new solutions and not letting it be limited by 100% perfect returns allows for innovation and stimulates entrepreneurship.

3) Open and neutral platform

The V8 was looking for Dutch innovations in water, energy and food. It resulted in an inspiring, cross-sectoral collaboration. This resulted in an internationally recognized ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ that made almost one million visitors aware of the unity that is possible when individual solutions are connected. Together, they form a new whole that has also lifted sustainable innovations to a higher level and contributed to a broader acceptance of technology.

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