Neighboring sports and culture Frank Timmerman starts with Samen Actief in Balk and the surrounding area after summer

Neighbor Frank Timmernan: “Together Active is for people who want to exercise more and build social contacts.” Own picture

Neighboring sports and culture Frank Timmerman from Social Work De Kear from De Fryske Marren municipality is busy setting up the free program Samen Actief for residents in Balk and the surrounding area. The activity, where everyone from the age of 18 can move for free, is offered workshops and can get in touch with others, starts after the summer and is given on Tuesday mornings from 9.30 to 11.30.

Samen Actief is a twelve-week collective and low-threshold activity, which today is also available at Lemmer and Joure. Twice a week, a group of a maximum of ten people meet there to drink coffee or tea, go for a walk or, for example, to: play sports, play games or participate in a workshop, and information is provided in various areas. Residents from Balk and Bakhuizen also participate in the groups at Lemmer and Joure. That is why I now also want to create the Samen Actief for the Balk region “, says Timmerman. “It’s for people who want to exercise more and build social contacts.”

Everyone who wants to take part in the Samen Actief will first have some time to explain what it is all about, followed by an admissions interview. Together with the neighbor workers in Social Work De Kear, we look not only at where someone stands, but also what personal goals there are.

Join the community

“In our function as a community employee for sports and culture, we ensure that residents who participate in the Samen Actief project can once again participate independently in society. The project starts with an intake using the My Positive Health tool, which looks at the participant’s wishes, needs and talents. This is mapped and linked to a personal goal. We are also looking closely at whether more individual goals can be brought together. Because the closer you get to what the participants themselves find attractive and need greater participation, the better. The game, training or sport is not the starting point for the programming, but the participants and how sports and exercise can help them return to society. ”

At the end of the program, it is checked whether the goals have been achieved. “Another nice side effect that we already have with the groups that have started working on it is: friendships, people who go on to volunteer and have gained energy in daily functioning or experienced a sense of purpose”, says Carpenter. “Due to the group dynamics and the personal guidance, a maximum of about ten people apply. The experience from Lemmer and Joure shows that approximately the number of people also sign up. ”

respect and trust

During the program, says Timmerman, emphasis is placed on creating an atmosphere where the participants trust each other, where there is attention to each other, and where everyone treats each other in a respectful way. ”

At the end of the Samen Actief, an assessment is made of where the participants stand in their opportunities to participate. “It remains special work, which makes it important that we have the social map and the network in order,” says Timmerman.

“We guide and mediate participants towards a follow-up. It can be at ‘Samen Actief Light’, Pastiel, Wurkjouwer, sports clubs or volunteer work. It is also possible that new social contacts have arisen in the group as a result of participants visiting each other and helping each other. For example, the group has previously had an idea to start a walking group together, we support such ideas until they run completely independently. ”

KV Cannegieter

On the way to the start of Samen Actief, Timmerman handball club Cannegieter has found it willing for the participants to go to workshops and to exercise in their canteen and on the sports club’s adjacent course at Tjalke de Boerstrjitte 8B in Balk.

Timmerman: ,, We always start with a content moment, after which there is movement. Coaches are also invited to in all possible areas such as health, fitness, nutrition, economics and eg opinion. In addition, participants can specify what they would like information about. Information is provided in Cannegieter’s canteen. While the handball club’s large lawn is perfectly suited to the exercise offer and the Cannegieteren is also housed in a beautiful central location in the area where Samen Actief will be offered. ”

All interested in participating in Samen Actief in Balk can register via or via 06-51291262.

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