New evidence of Russian war crimes continues to emerge | NOW

Surveillance footage from a car dealer in a suburb of Kiev shows once again that Russian soldiers are killing innocent civilians. The UN on Thursday named the 1,000 bodies of civilians killed in the Kiev region. The UN Human Rights Council has approved an investigation into the alleged Russian atrocities.

BBC and CNN today released photos from March 16 showing Russian soldiers shooting two unarmed civilians in Kiev. CNN confirmed the photos and identified the victims.

One of the men killed was the owner of a car dealership that was looted by five Russian soldiers. The other man was the company’s 68-year-old security guard.

The surveillance footage first shows how the Ukrainians approach the Russians. The group of soldiers at that moment breaks into the car dealership of the owner, who holds his hands up. The soldiers search the two men, after which the two randomly leave after a chat.

Then the Russian soldiers shoot the men in the back, after which they fall down on the street. Moments later, the security guard can be seen standing up and bringing himself to safety. He later died of his injuries.

At least 1,000 bodies of dead civilians have been found in the Kyiv region in recent weeks, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet said on Thursday. According to her, the evidence is growing that Russian troops have committed war crimes in Ukraine.

“It is shocking to see the scale of these illegal killings, including executions of beach laws, have taken place north of Kiev,” Bachelet said in a video speech to the UN Human Rights Council.

“We have information on 300 such murders, but that number will increase as new evidence emerges. Civilians were killed while crossing the street or leaving their shelters to search for food and water. Others were killed while in their home. car tried to escape. “

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights added that much of the exploratory research appears to point to war crimes committed by Russian forces against the Ukrainian people.

For the first time, a war crime in Ukraine actually leads to prosecution. For example, a 21-year-old Russian sergeant becomes the first member of the Russian armed forces to be prosecuted since the invasion. This was announced by Ukraine’s Attorney General on Wednesday, writes New York Times

The man is suspected of having shot an unarmed civilian on a bicycle on February 28, four days after the Russian invasion. He left the 62-year-old victim dead at the roadside.

The UN Human Rights Council has agreed to investigate alleged atrocities committed by the Russian military in Ukraine. A large majority voted in favor of a proposal by Ukraine to investigate events in Kiev and other regions in February and March.

The UN Human Rights Council, based in Geneva, Switzerland, is made up of representatives from 47 states. China and Eritrea voted against the proposal. In addition, there were 12 who abstained. Russia has been suspended from the council, after which the country resigned its membership.

The invasion of Ukraine on Thursday brought Finland one step closer to NATO membership. On Thursday, Finnish President Sauli Niinistö and Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin approved their country’s accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Finns are expected to apply for membership on Saturday.

“NATO membership will strengthen Finland’s security,” the president and prime minister said in a joint statement. In it, they also write that their country must apply “immediately”. “We hope the necessary steps to make this decision will be taken quickly in the coming days.”

Since the war in Ukraine, Finland’s votes have been raised to join NATO to protect the country from the threat posed by Russia. Finland shares a 1,300-kilometer border with Russia. “The war in Ukraine has affected our security, but there is no immediate threat,” Finnish leaders wrote.

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