Roofs of houses, hockey tents blow away and trees fall | rear corner

ZEVENAAR / DOETINCHEM – Storm Eunice went on a rampage in the Netherlands, also in Achterhoek and Liemers. We have kept an eye on the development below.

The roof of several homes on PC Hooftstraat in Zevenaar has been blown off. The damage is great. It is unknown exactly how many homes have been affected and whether residents can sleep at home tonight.

The North and East Gelderland security region is currently receiving so many reports that the control room is being flooded. VNOG reports on this on Twitter. She therefore makes the urgent call only in case of emergency to call the control room.

People are also encouraged not to go outside if it is not necessary. ‘The situation outside is dangerous! Prevent unnecessary damage from flying objects / branches’, according to VNOG.


In the hockey club Western pigeons and Pigeons the airdome – a kind of inflatable arcade that can still be played in the winter – has been blown into the air by the storm. The fire department arrived with three vehicles to help get the tent back on the ground. It was not the only incident in Duivense hockey club: a parked car was hit by a falling lamppost

The Airdomen in Duiven, which was destroyed by the storm. © Dylan Jünemann / Pressebureau Heitink

No water

In different parts of Achterhoek, the the water pressure has dropped† The water company Vitens announces that there is various places in the area of ​​pipe rupture to be. “Our engineers are doing their utmost to address these disruptions in this storm,” the company said. Vitens’ fault line is currently less accessible due to the crowds.

Carrier Arriva has since 18:00 all buses are removed from the street† The situation on the road is considered too dangerous for buses to run. The schedule is scaled down from kl.

Train operators stopped four hours earlier. Therefore, there has been driving since kl no train between Arnhem and Winterswijk and between Winterswijk and Zutphen. ProRail and NS had already decided that yesterday. The decision also applies to regional routes, such as Arrivas in Achterhoek and Liemers.

Because the ferry between Olburgen and Dieren has become unmanageable due to stupidity, it has been taken out of service for the rest of the day.

Storm Eunice was still somewhat quiet Friday morning, but is in total during the afternoon the violence broke out† This has led to trees being moved up in several places and falling down the road. On Bataafseweg in Winterswijk a tree blocks the wayjust like on the Nijverheidsweg in Aalten.

A tree has fallen over the Bataafseweg in Winterswijk.
A tree has fallen over the Bataafseweg in Winterswijk. © DG

A tree has also been blown down on Koningsplein in Lievelde. This just landed in front of a bus by the local carnival association, which remained unharmed as a result. Few roof tiles

Training and test sites closed in the afternoon

Jan Ruland van den Brink
© Jan Ruland van den Brink

Educational institutions in the region closed their doors in the afternoon. Students and staff in Liemers College and Canada went home from 12.30. Everywhere of Amtshøjskolen closed at The training had already stopped half an hour earlier.

That HE (Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen) closed already at 12:00.

GGD closed all test and vaccination sites in the Gelderland-Midden region from kl. 12.15. In Doetinchem and Lichtenvoorde they are closed at Persons who had a time after closing time will be called to one new appointment.

Weatherman Gerrit Vossers: ‘Code orange due to wind is unique in Achterhoek’

Weatherman Gerrit Vossers naturally elaborates on storm Eunice in his weather forecast. See it in the video below.

Truckers on the road earlier

To avoid the afternoon storm, the drivers from Duivend transport company Melis arrived as early as possible on Friday morning. on the road gone. At four o’clock instead of six. “Then they will hopefully be within the peak of the storm this afternoon,” said general manager Marwin Melis.

In the article, Melis explains what to look out for as a driver when driving near a truck during a storm

‘Construction site Duiven now safe’

At the construction site in Duiven, where an officer was injured on Wednesday night by a broken roof plate. Preventive measures taken to prevent further accidents. “We did it before the first accident, but it did not turn out to be enough,” says general contractor Danny Beker. ,, Our roofer went up on the roof at 5am on Friday morning to collect all the slabs. All other loose objects have been found. “

Beker has regular contact with the injured officer. “The well-being of this agent is our top priority.” The damage has no consequences for construction planning.

The industrial property on Graafsingel, where roofing sheets (seen here at the top of the shed) fell down on Wednesday evening.
The industrial property on Graafsingel, where roofing sheets (seen here at the top of the shed) fell down on Wednesday evening. © Heitink Press Agency

no football

duellen Roda JC – The County goes Friday night is canceled. The match was scheduled for Friday night at 8 p.m. Due to storm Eunice, all duels in the Eredivisie and Kitchen Champion Division have been canceled. KNVB has also canceled all amateur and futsal matches on Friday night.

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