Three new Antwerp festivals in one month: from alternative to classical to visual art (Antwerp)

No more wrestling from one scene to the next in a crowd of people. Start the extended Ascension Weekend relaxed with a cross-pollination between park atmosphere, nature, music and craft beer. At least that’s how it says Relax The festival, which occupies the Rivierenhof on 25 and 26 May with alternative music by STUFF, Naima Joris or Gabriel Rios. An afterparty in Trix adds the finishing touch. “We want to market Unwind as a boutique festival,” says Marcus Deblaere of booking agency Busker. “With only two stages, Unwind wants to be like slow Festival offers more than music. We focus on people over 25 who have grown up with festivals but now want to slow down. Think: culinary food and drink, local and organic accents. In terms of mobility, the Rivierenhof, a park on the outskirts of the city, is ideally located. ”

River Court. © Jan Van der Perre

Deblaere indicates that he wants to expand Unwind further, apart from the rather modest kick-off. As a booking agency, we know that things are going smoothly in the music sector at the moment. Festivals and concert halls are less likely to attract people due to declining consumer confidence. In the long run, we want to strengthen our festival in the Rivierenhof and arrange Unwind activities in Antwerp throughout the summer. Like brunch with music in the middle of the city or Relax menus at restaurants. ” Why is a booking office from Halle in Flemish Brabant aiming for Antwerp? “A music festival has never taken place in Rivierenhof before and we want to create a brand for Unwind with separate events. In a city like Antwerp, with its cultural and tourist assets, it should be possible. ”

Classical music

Located in the Handelsbeurs, from 17 to 24 May, it also grabs Antwerp Spring Festival with a beautiful location. “There is not yet a big and wide festival of classical music in Antwerp,” says artistic director Benjamin Haemhouts. “There are festivals that focus on a certain type of classical music, but we want to spread the genre to a wide audience through a sophisticated mix. Beethoven’s great classical symphonies stand side by side with new work. Suspended from the figure of Napoleon, Tom Lanoye wrote a text for new music by Hanne Deneire, which is sung by Stefaan Degand. Many know him only as an actor, but he is also a trained singer. ”

Stefaan Degand is also a trained singer. ”

Stefaan Degand is also a trained singer. ” © © VRT – 2018

The Antwerp Spring Festival also presents dance to modern classical music, and Mauro Pawlowski fills an evening with a mix of genres. “Through such an eclectic program, we want to reach a wide audience with classical music that is not adventurous. Antwerp Spring Festival hopes to grow into a great festival. With the festival season’s main focus in the summer, the month of May offers perspectives. ”

Interdisciplinary art

Beyond The Black Box, from 13 to 15 May, originated in the Flemish cultural center De Brakke Grond in Amsterdam, but is now also gaining a foothold in Antwerp. Monty, Platform 0090, wpZimmer and C-TAKT collaborate on the festival, which focuses on the interdisciplinary art. “We’re talking about intersections between theater, performance, visual arts and everything in between,” says Lana Willems of Monty. “In that field, Antwerp has a number of artists. Bringing them together at a festival puts the focus on their work. The Beyond The Black Box festival center is located in Monty, but you can also see artists at work in a mosque, a train station, a tennis court or just on the street. In this way, random passers-by are also invited to discover interdisciplinary art. ”

Beware of Family Day, Sunday, May 15th It was unheard of van Crew / Kak: five robotic horns then move along the public road from Opera Square to Monty. “Through such a festival, these artists, who can not be boxed, rise above their niche, and at the same time, spectators are challenged to look at art differently.”,,

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