True and True in Eat-Feel-Good Foodies: ‘Knowledgeable’ and ‘Omnivore’

A film about delicious (and very dirty) food and love, budding to the crack and maybe without a chance. And make difficult choices for yourself … It’s rom-com food lovers with Sanne Vogel and Sanne Langelaar, who are currently in Dutch cinemas. Subway talked to both actresses in a rather appropriate place.

The cast in the Dutch film food lovers recently settled in Fruittuin van West. Subway gladly took a seat in Amsterdam-West, for it was possible again. Fruittuin van West consists of a farm, organic shop, garden café and orchards. Sanne Vogel and Sanne Langelaar came here regularly in tough lockdown times. Even though the shop and café were ‘locked in’, it was still possible to go for a nice walk, have a picnic and sit in the orchard and pick up tasty healthy products.

Not everything is equally tasty in Foodies

Sanne Vogel plays the main role in food loversher first film role since Have in my heart in 2017. Sanne Langelaar also played a part. Finally Sanne Vogel again, one would say, for she goes crazy in this feel-good as a popular food blogger. In food of course, but also in love. Sam falls in love with a greengrocer, whom she completely condemns as a chef in a review; without knowing that this is the same ‘vegetable Marco’ (Sinan Eroglu, costa !!† Girlfriend Jacco (Sanne Langelaar) pushes Sam in a pretty clear way towards love, but also towards his own TV show (‘I had to praise you through the damn ozone layer’). And then there’s Holly Mae Brood as Lilian, a crooked bitch and Sam’s big blog rival.

Subway so V food lovers, a film that is of course full of love, but also of delicious food. To eat healthy and make it responsible, that is. We came out of the cinema hungry (read the review here).

So we talked to two food lovers there in the big city orchard. Both familiar with love (relationships and mothers of two). They are also clearly different from each other. Sanne Vogel is a real gourmet, as well as someone who is always busy with food and wants to know everything about it. Sanne Langelaar is a little less genuine: “But a gourmet! And on the set of food lovers I learned a lot from Sanne (Vogel, ed.) About healthy eating. ”

Sanne Vogel understands the word obsessed

Sanne Vogel immediately addresses the latter: “I am also an annoying woodsman, haha. Sometimes I have to hold back when it comes to food. ” If you look up the meaning of Foodies, you will also come across ‘someone who is obsessed with food’. Vogel: “It can also be negative, but I recognize myself in the word obsessed.” It goes back to her childhood: “I used to suffer from rashes. I was also very fat at a young age. It turned out that I could not tolerate cow’s milk. And not against gluten from, for example, bread from the factory.”

“At that time I was already trying to find out everything about food, and I read a lot of books about it. In addition, I have loved cooking from an early age. I not only make healthy food, I also make pies and pizzas. With a a lot of vegetables, for them I really like. I became a vegetarian when I was 12. Very little was known about this at the time, and I had to do a lot of research myself. I am now vegan. “

“I did not want to perform for a long time,” admits Sanne Vogel. “I just wanted to write, instruct and cook. When the cookbook was finished, I suddenly said to my friend, ‘I feel like playing again’. It turned out not to be a whim, so I told my agent I would throw again. Then it came right away food lovers over with Mannin de Wildt, the director, I really enjoyed working with in the film Long will she live† When I auditioned, I took my book with me. And said: ‘As research I have already written a book’. The crew of food lovers was a lot of fun right away, like our input. For example, we were allowed to do our own research into exactly when products grow. You may have kiwi berries in the film, but it must be timed correctly. Real Foodies knows that, of course. ”

Healthy diet important element in Foodies

In it food lovers-writing a review Subway that it’s a lot about healthy eating, but that it never gets intrusive. For example, if the chef only wants to cook with ingredients that would otherwise be thrown out, someone immediately shouts ‘Gadverdamme!’.

“Fine,” says Vogel. “There is definitely balance, although we thought it was important that healthy food is included in the film. With everything that goes on around the climate, you can do things with small adjustments in your life. But beyond that, it goes food lovers of course mainly about two people who fall deeply in love with each other and look for how they can be themselves. Or be able to remain oneself within the expectations of society. The fact that the two find themselves in their passion for food makes it fun to watch, I think. It would also be possible if they both liked programming by the way, it’s about finding each other. It’s about their hearts, not about ‘you have to do this’ and ‘you have to do it’. “

Foodies True Bird Sinan Eroglu
Sinan Eroglu and Sanne Vogel, the love couple from Foodies. Photo: WW Entertainment

The power of social media comes into play food lovers also a big role. “There’s a lot of negative talk about it,” Vogel says. “However, it can also be positive for someone. Look at my character Sam, who has 100,000 followers. For her, the ball only rolls in the wrong direction in the end. Personally, I think the great thing about social media is that you can be on platforms that you find very interesting. For example, I search for the hashtag food forest. Then I see people all over Holland who also work with food forests. It’s very cool and inspiring, right? If collaborating with brands is to generate your income, then social media will be something completely different. Then you start doing things that you actually do not feel like doing, and that’s what’s going on with Sam. I also have collaborations, but only things that I like and that suit me. ”

Sanne Vogel can soon have fun, because she is moving with her family from Amsterdam to a village. “The idea is a house with a kitchen studio and all kinds of vegetable buckets outside. And growing mushrooms is my great desire. ”

Sanne Langelaar not in the kitchen for four hours

‘She’s having fun’, actor colleague Sanne Langelaar also enjoys it in terms of food. “I really like good food. But, “admits this other food lover,” I will not be in the kitchen for four hours soon. I easily go to restaurant to spend a lot of money on really good food. I am a food lover who would rather eat food than cook it. ”

Sanne Langelaar Swanenburg 1
Sanne Langelaar as Iris in Swanenburg. Photo: Mark de Blok

Her character Jacco (“her real name is Jacqueline”) is both a good friend of Sam and a career fighter. Is that right as far as Langelaar is concerned? “She’s a bit of a leap in the field,” the actress replies. “Jacco is childishly enthusiastic about everything. She’s the best friend anyway, but there’s also her business interest in wanting Sam to do a cooking show with her. I think it’s more that enthusiasm than she’s trying to make a lot of money on Sam. Like ‘nice to work together!’ At least Jacco does not think in boxes and says ‘yes’ to everything. “

No kidding, let’s talk about being a ‘Foodie’, says Langelaar: “I’m a vegetarian and I’m quite interested in sustainability. The collaboration with Sanne (Vogel, ed.) Was therefore very instructive. Working with her guarantees a little extra training. She talks about vitamins you must not forget and what foods you can replace with something else. She also knows a lot about nutrition for young children. We have both, so it’s very practical. “

Nothing is certain for Sanne Langelaar

Langelaar is now a famous actress in our country. The name flatters her, but even she finds it anything but. “I still feel like it could all be over tomorrow. I think that’s also why I enjoy my work so much. In any case, my work feels like I have a privileged position: I can survive on my “Working as an actor, and not everyone has it. Hanging back and thinking ‘I’ve been doing this for a while’ is never an option for me. Then everything you do will look the same.”

Foodies True Bird Sinan Eroglu
True Vogel and Sinan Eroglu as Sam and Marco. Photo: WW Entertainment

Jacco’s film friend Sam is a huge success on social media, but then also gets a huge turn in the ears. How does Sanne Langelaar experience this as a familiar face? “Being known is a by-product for me. That has never been the purpose of my work. For me, social media is a way of just sharing some nice things with people. I have never used it to gain fame or get sponsorship deals. You can use social media as an advertising pillar, but that’s not for me. I am not so sensitive to trends and follow the path that suits me. I prefer to keep in touch with like-minded people. And to laugh a little, I think that is very important. When I see someone with a blocked stomach, I am very tempted to put myself in the picture with a thick gut. ”

Not everything in Foodies needs to be perfect

Right where the movie food lovers What it’s really about: you do not have to be so perfect. Langelaar: “Exactly. And follow the path I just talked about. And not the path you think everyone wants you to follow. If it happens to children … I find it worrying to be honest. “

“In the past, you could just be drunk once without anyone filming it,” she continues. “Isn’t it nice? You can make a mistake that you have learned from. Now you end up on social media, which is sour.”

To food lovers Finally, Sanne Langelaar believes that it is only good to give the viewer something about health. “We all have to do something, right? Let’s face it, the world is doing pretty well. Rightly, many people are now worried about Ukraine, but do not forget the climate. Soon there will be no world to fight for. ”

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True and True in eat-feel-good Foodies: ‘The annoying one-knows-all’ and ‘the one who primarily eats everything’

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