City trips by train new step in more sustainable holidays TUI

Less CO2 emissions than other companies

Therefore, TUI tries to keep the climate impact by flying as small as possible. It starts with the use of young, modern, quiet and economical appliances. TUI aircraft has one of the youngest and most efficient fleets in the aviation sector. The CO2 emissions from the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner are 20 percent lower than comparable aircraft. The Boeing 737-MAX 8 emits 14 percent less CO2 than its predecessor, the Boeing 737 NG. Swollen wingtips create better aerodynamics, resulting in 5 to 6 percent less fuel consumption. TUI also tries to save weight, the annual 3 million kilos of waste are sorted and recycled and the least possible disposable plastic and plastic packaging is used on board. TUI’s cars at Schiphol are electric. “Then you still do not fly clean, but we go for the maximum achievable,” says Kok. “We do not compensate by planting trees somewhere far away. We prefer to spend our energy and money on reducing our own emissions.”

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Six city trips by train

With the new train journeys to six European cities, a new chapter for TUI begins. Since 11 May, travel by night train can be booked on the website of Copenhagen, Prague, Vienna, Venice, Milan and Florence. TUI has entered into a collaboration agreement with GreenCityTrip for this.

By taking the train instead of the plane, travelers on these routes save 93 percent CO2 emissions. These sleeping trains depart from Amsterdam and Utrecht in the evening and arrive at their destination in the morning.

Chef: “Everyone shouts: take the train anyway. But it must be possible. Traveling by train to destinations in Europe is actually very logical, but it is complicated. Your train journey goes through various national railway companies, which can not be booked with one click in order. The many transfers and the price are also often an obstacle for the travelers. GreenCityTrip even inserts a train with sleeping compartments to a number of specific destinations, which run directly to the final destination, without having to change trains. ”

Stopped city trip by plane to Paris

TUI has for some time offered the train as a means of transport, for example to Paris or London. In 2019, the travel company stopped selling city travel by plane to the French capital. You can get there just as fast by Thalys as by plane. A trip to the heart of London with Eurostar is also as fast as a flight with all transfers from the airports outside the city. But there, the train can not yet compete well in terms of price and available departure times. That is why TUI still offers all modes of transport there.

“People can now go to the competitor on a city trip by plane to Paris, but that’s how it should be. You must show by actions that you mean your words. Sometimes we are too modest to put our initiatives for more sustainable travel in the spotlight. Nevertheless, we are a forerunner in this area in the travel industry, and we are happy to be at the forefront, ”says Kok.

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Honest journey

Although the focus in society is mainly on the environmental disadvantages of flying, TUI is looking further and trying to make a difference in the other parts of a holiday. In March 2020, it introduced travel with the Fair Travel brand. With accommodation with a recognized sustainability label, which sets requirements for energy and water consumption, waste sorting and good working conditions for staff. Travel and excursions must contribute to the local economy and community. Travelers booking such a Fair Travel holiday pay 2 euros extra. TUI will also add 2 euros, part of which will go to the TUI Care Foundation and part will be reserved for projects that make mobility more sustainable.

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