It’s not so bad before the fair, but what a brutal market

Is the bear escaping? The AEX indicator is -0.4% around 693 after a true debacle on Wall Street with the S&P 500 -3.6% and the Nasdaq 100 even -5.0%. The worst day in two years.

  • European futures are a few tenths lower
  • The US has risen 0.1% to -0.3% with the technology at a disadvantage again
  • In Asia, everything is 1% to 2% lower with Hang Seng even -3.7%. Oops, Tencent has fallen -4.4% in Hong Kong
  • Is not it too bad? Volatility (CBOE VIX Index) closed + 22.7% at 31.2
  • The dollar rises 0.2% to 1.052
  • The trend is upward and considerable, but the German ten-year interest rate now does nothing at 1.04 and the US interest rate is the same at 3.08%
  • Gold -0.1%, oil + 0.5% and crypto are flat

This is this week’s rolling S&P 500 mini-future. What a clumsy move. In the Fed, you know. Up. And back again. Why really …?

Meanwhile, meanwhile in Frankfurt:

Back to the US indices. Not the S&P 500 itself, but the Nasdaq 100 technology index narrowly dropped a lower intraday floor, confirming its bear market.

A door down the road, is the US 10-year dividend not really on a collision course with the whole, long, scary downward trend since 1981? It looks like that.

Or do you prefer alternative currencies? It also has an ego will. or not? Bitcoin briefly went -10% yesterday.

Of course there are numbers again on Damrak. ING’s Q1s are a mixed bag. The profit is halved because the bank writes off Russia. The loop pot went to € 987 million, or four times as much as a year earlier. But the bank has room for 1.25 billion euros in additional shareholder returns.

Aperam’s Q1 is slightly better than expected and an additional $ 100 million is on the way through share buybacks.

The Galapagos announced in their figures last night that they maintain their previously issued estimates of spending for 2022. Liquidity fell from € 4.6 billion to € 4.7 billion. The company wrote red numbers.

News, advice, shorts and agenda

The most important ABM Financial news since the Amsterdam closing yesterday with figures from JustEatTakeaway competitor DoorDash, which made + 7.3% on the figures. In ordinary trading, the stock was still -10.4%. GoPro managed -4.2% on the numbers, what a blow and blow it all is.

Are there still people who follow Lavide? There is news.

  • 08:05 Expected slightly lower opening AEX
  • 08:01 Optrend for Eurocommercial Properties
  • 07:43 Aperam sees profitability further improved
  • 07:26 Halving profits for ING due to Russian exposure
  • 07:22 WDP takes full control of WVI
  • May 05 DoorDash records higher revenue
  • May 05 GoPro turns losses into profits
  • May 5 The Galapagos dives into red numbers
  • May 05 Stock update: AEX on Wall Street
  • May 05 Wall Street closed significantly lower
  • 05 meu Lavide profit lawsuit over Amelie’s share claim
  • May 05 Oil prices closed higher
  • May 5 Wall Street goes towards lower close
  • May 05 European stocks closed lower
  • May 05 AXA records more revenue
  • May 05 AEX loses profits

AFM reports these shorts. PostNL will have figures on Monday.

Agenda …

  • 08:00 ING Q1 tal
  • 08:00 Aperam Q1 tal
  • 08:00 Adidas Q1 Tal
  • 08:00 Germany’s industrial production Mar -0.8% MoM
  • 14:30 US Non Farm Payroll Report Apr + 395K
  • 14:30 US unemployment apr. 3.6%
  • 14:30 US wage growth apr + 5.5% YoY

… with the payroll report or U.S. employment figures. Look at the wage increase.

And then this

Bold or wrong please?


Individual stocks are tired this year with their fluttering back and forth. Trackers provide a little more peace of mind.

The energy companies benefit from:

King dollar, still:

Strange times? We are willing to pay much higher prices for everything, but there is no one to do the work.

Have fun and good luck today.

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