Russia’s heaviest rocket attack on Ukraine since invasion, ‘pointless’

The Ukrainian city of Kremenchuk, a major industrial hub in the center of the country, was hit yesterday by the worst missile attack since the start of the Russian invasion. Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky in his usual speech speaks of a “meaningless attack”.

An oil refinery was hit in Kremenchuk, among other places. According to the governor of the region, the Ukrainian news agency UNIAN reports that no injuries were reported in the attack. That after at least twelve Russian missiles hit different targets. The refinery in particular came under fire.

‘What does Russia want to achieve in Ukraine?’

The governor said in a Telegram statement that the oil refinery was “not in operation” at the time, according to Al Jazeera. However, Zelensky reports that residents of the Zaporizhzhya and Donbas regions are running out of fuel as a result of the “cowardly attack”. The President of Ukraine wonders aloud what Russian troops are trying to achieve with such attacks.

Foreign media have not been able to independently confirm the missile attacks. It is also not clear whether the oil refinery was still in operation and what the possible consequences are for the fuel supply in the surrounding regions.

Talking about Mariupol evacuation again

Representatives of the Red Cross and the UN are negotiating with Russia on the evacuation of the last Ukrainian soldiers from Mariupol. The city has been in the news for a long time. Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshchuk said on Ukrainian television last night that a new round of negotiations has begun on the withdrawal of the approximately 1,000 soldiers. They have entrenched themselves in the steel plant Azovstal in Mariupol. The factory is Ukraine’s last stronghold in the heavily bombed city.

According to Vereshchuk, the evacuation was to take place in several phases, beginning with the seriously injured. The agreements must be put on paper and signed by all parties, she emphasized. She said Turkey mediated the negotiations. Previous attempts to reach an agreement with Russia on a withdrawal from Mariupol have failed. Ukraine had, among other things, proposed exchanging Russian prisoners of war with seriously wounded Ukrainian soldiers.

The Ukrainian soldiers have entrenched themselves in bunkers and underground passages on the large grounds of the steel factory. About a hundred civilians are also said to be hiding there. Russia carries out daily bomb attacks on the complex. This is done with aircraft, artillery and tanks.

Lack of abortion pills in Ukraine and Poland

Women’s rights groups see an increase in demand for abortion pills since the war broke out in Ukraine, reports† Deliveries are currently taking place to this country and to neighboring Poland, which houses more than three million refugees. The goal: to enable safe abortions for Ukrainian women who have become pregnant while fleeing the war.

At least 25 Ukrainian women were raped by Russian soldiers, including in Butja. Ukrainian Ombudsman Lyudmila Denisova reported this to BBC† Nine of these women, the youngest only 14 years old, became pregnant. The number of similar cases of sexual violence throughout Ukraine is still under investigation.

Women on Web in particular saw an increase in the number of applications for abortion pills after the drama in Boetsja, says director Venny Ala-Siurua. The Canadian Foundation helps women around the world undergo medical abortions for up to 12 weeks. This happens when it is not safe to do so in their country.

Officer accuses the police chief of rape, he of prosecuting her

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Russia’s heaviest rocket attack on Ukraine since invasion, ‘pointless’

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