Saar Scheerlings changed course and traveled to Burgundy

In Catawiki’s new auction series ‘Handmade Products’, artists and creatives will have the opportunity to showcase their work to an audience of millions of art lovers around the world and see their recognition, revenue and visibility increase worldwide. One of these artists is Saar Scheerlings, who changed pace and traveled to Burgundy, where she rediscovered her love of art. Bazaar talks to her about her work, her vision of art and inspiration from crafts.

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Artist Saar Scheerlings

From his farm in the forests of Burgundy, the artist Saar Scheerlings works peacefully on his creations. She does not necessarily find the most inspiring environment, but a certain sense of unconditionality – ‘things are still untouched here’ – allows her to work very freely and relaxed. Saar: ‘The relaxed atmosphere that prevails here matches my view of career and success. If you live in the city, people may be much more driven to perform, or if you have a lot of money or a big house, there is much more to achieve. But here it is basicSuccess here is more about whether you still have enough time to sit in the garden. That’s also how I see success. I want to be able to do what I want without feeling pressured. ‘

‘I deliberately distanced myself from design’

When she graduates from Design Academy in Eindhoven, she is looking for freedom. She finds that freedom, after which she decides to leave designing for what it is. Saar: ‘I would deliberately distance myself from design. I did not like the idea of ​​staying in Eindhoven, starting a studio and working there.

By doing something new, you create new opportunities for yourself

I decided to work in a restaurant, but not because it was my ambition to be a chef all my life, but simply because sometimes by doing something new, you create new openings for yourself. Because of my work as a chef, for example, I had the opportunity to travel around the world. ‘

Inspiration from India

If it’s for Saar, inspiration comes to you spontaneously, especially when you’re not looking for it. Saar: ‘After my studies, I really lost my inspiration and passion for design. An important turning point in this was my journey through India, where I ended up in a small village in the Nordics, it is called Manali. The whole village revolves around the weaving technique and everything seems to be connected with it. Shepherds, weavers, salesmen, tailors – they all have an interest in weaving culture. But even in architecture you can see the craft with weaving. Beams protrude like a kind of balcony on which looms are built so that they can work in daylight. Traditional weaving has led to its own architecture, traditional costume and ultimately its own economy in Manali. It inspired me to create new things. To make translations from one craft to another. So I started painting tissues, cutting those paintings out again and making three-dimensional collages again. It resulted in a long chain of everything to do with each other, as in the village of India, but also in artifacts that stand on their own. ‘

Saar Scheerlings

What is art according to Saar Scheerlings?

What someone sees in Saar’s work is very personal to everyone. Saar: ‘My work is very open in meaning. I did not reach it with a predetermined thought, or around a theme I wanted to talk about. It can therefore evoke a different feeling in everyone.

One can see nothing in it and the other is affected by it

I find my freedom very fascinating. It defines the pure meaning of art for me. One can see nothing in it and the other is affected by it. That’s the essence of art, I think. In fact, it’s super-missable, no human life is involved, and the world just keeps turning, even without art. But at the same time, art can also be anything. A beauty, a feeling, it can have a deep meaning for someone. I think it’s because of the two extremes that it’s so interesting. ‘

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