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OUDER-AMSTEL The Netherlands is a representative democracy. Citizens surrender their power to elected representatives; in return, our rights are protected. It looks like a fair deal. In practice, however, this exchange is not entirely fair. And the question is how well our government actually takes care of us; the air we breathe is quite polluted, the infrastructure is poorly maintained, and little is done about the demonstrable dangers of climate change. While we as a municipality are below sea level and the risk of respiratory infections here is really extra large. A tragic reality, while its approach all too often ends in a morbid farce. See, for example, what happens to the green in our municipality. Our politicians meet by chance and they still practice the art of thinking desire and looking away on a daily basis. Unfortunately, practice does not make perfect in this case.

INTERRUPTION Every attempt is better than nothing, it sounds. Still, it is appropriate to dwell on this thought. Because soothing your conscience is not the same as solving a life-threatening problem. For example, buying a Tesla does not necessarily reduce the risk of wet feet in our region. Shouldn’t we, as a privileged group of people, be willing to allow a little more anxiety? The Planning Office for the Housing Environment is taking a first step in this regard; “We have to radically break with our way of consuming and producing. It means living differently, shopping differently, traveling differently, commuting differently, growing food differently, generating energy differently and producing goods differently. With first priority, to consume much less energy. No one seems to be ready for this last step in particular. Here the powerlessness of the democratic representation becomes visible. Because it is not easy to work on the climate in 2050 if you also want to win the election in 2026.

POWER Today’s issues require imagination, courage, intelligence and an active focus on cooperation and synergy. Results in the ability to outline an inspiring future perspective and make people excited about it. I have to fear that not all drivers have these qualities at their disposal. To compensate for this inconvenience, one often sees strange behavior in people who nevertheless end up in a position of power. Thus, formerly welcoming and kind people begin to behave arrogantly and distantly. This happens because the frightened ego runs off with them; the effect of this is often visible in a hell’s trio: 1. Power makes you focus on yourself and you feel less with others 2. The imagination of power ensures that you have the feeling that you can handle the situation, make your hand 3. The feeling arises from the fact that your own actions are legitimate; what you do is what needs to be done. It is strong shoulders that can carry the wealth of power, but unfortunately, most riders are not selected for that quality. So we can only hope that our society is spared an immature use of force. Given the course of the formation process so far, we can not be sure.

DEMOCRATIC FANTASY One must realize that parties do not only need citizens for a good election result. But also for their knowledge, involvement and ideas. The necessary revolution in thinking requires a huge change of consciousness, also in the official organization. Whether it will come is the big question. For even after this tear-jerking deformation, relief will soon prevail over the fact that there has been another college. And then we mess around for another four years. While there is still a huge administrative task. It is high time to make the prevailing view of democracy much more democratic.

Rob Fijlstra

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