Sharing the bed with .. a plane

be wildly in love. And not on a man or a woman, but on a plane. This is Michele Köbke. On a Boeing 737-800. Sandra, last name unknown, so is it. But then on a Boeing 747. Schatz, Michèle calls her darling. Sandra goes after Luffrans.

32-year-old Michèle flew for the first time in November 2013. Like so many others, she absolutely loved it. Back home, she searched the Internet for aerial photos and aviation-related videos. On March 11, 2014, when she visited Berlin – Tegel Airport to see planes, a Boeing 737-800 was on its way. Suddenly she felt butterflies in her stomach. She fell on the wings, winglets and thrust reversers as others find their partner’s scent and buttocks attractive.

Sandra especially likes the ‘endless possibilities that planes represent’. Her heart beats faster when she sees the LX-UCV, a Boeing 747-400F that is part of the Cargolux fleet. 28-year-old Sandra has been fascinated by airplanes since she was three years old.

© Konstantin von Wedelstaedt (GFDL 1.2 or GFDL 1.2), via Wikimedia Commons

Endless possibilities

In 2021, both ladies managed to find a job in aviation, in both cases at an airport: Michèle started working at Swissport Berlin, where Sandra works and is kept out of the media. For Michèle, however, the party was short: she flew out after a month. She expressed her dissatisfaction with this on Facebook. She feels ‘extremely unfair’ treated afterwards Toronto Sun. to have seen pictures of Sandra sharing her bed with a 1:35 scale model of her treasure. Without going into details, both ladies share in the same way about their goodnight adventure with their loved ones. “We cuddle and kiss all night and have sex,” Sandra says of her relationship with Luffrans. ‘We cuddle and fall asleep together,’ says Michèle about her experiences with her treasure.

Broken heart

This is not the first time for Michèle that she has been excluded from the aviation world. KLM had previously put an end to the marriage that it should be part of one of the hangars on Schiphol-Øst on 18 March 2020 with a real Boeing 737-800 from the blue fleet. Some time before, the woman had been given the opportunity to have extensive photographs taken with her future spouse. In pictures she could be seen in, next to and even on her great love. She was sitting in the cockpit of the plane with her cheek flat against the yoke, happily leaning against the wing flaps, and in a now erased image, she was standing at the tip of one of the wings, near the winglet with the KLM logo. Stickers with the text no step made it clear that Michèle posed somewhere on the wing where it is forbidden to stand. KLM took it seriously and withdrew her business card for the next visit to her groom.

Michèle and ‘her’ 737

“I feel like I will never be with him again unless I fly,” she wrote on her Instagram account. “Name, kiss and spending time together will never be the same because we are no longer together.” She ended the message with an emoji with a broken heart. Michèle now ignores everything that has to do with Amsterdam and KLM. There are plenty of other 737-800s out there. In the online series Extreme love she goes to a hangar at SAS to visit the next Schatz. But there is also time to say goodbye. It’s visibly hard for her.

Michèle Köbke: ‘A relationship with a plane is not easy’

No cheating

Sandra clearly has it much easier. During her work, she regularly kisses the many planes, each of which has its own beauty and appeal. “I touch them and kiss them,” she says. ‘But I do not want to cheat Luffrans. I have something special with him and I do not want to ruin it. Airplanes are more reliable than humans. I know I can always talk to him. When I leave on the weekend, I take it with me. He is always there for me. ‘ She considers Luffrans her soulmate. “He’s the first thing I see when I wake up and the last thing I see when I go to bed. I did not want it any different.” She does not say a word about the inflatable Airbus A330 from Austrian Airlines, which she can also be seen lying in bed and wrapped in a nice embrace with on the internet.She claims that Luffrans is the best partner she has ever had, and compares him to her ex-girlfriends.Nar remarkably enough, Luffrans does not have Cargolux color scheme but is dressed in a Lufthansa jacket.

Michèle considers each Boeing 737-800 as his treasure. In addition to the large-scale model in Hapag-Lloyd design, she not only has dozens of smaller scale models of this aircraft type, but also all sorts of parts from scrapped 737-800s that she has purchased are among her loved ones. “When I touch it and kiss it, I get excited,” she says of it, all the more so because they still smell of that plane.

The object of sexuality

The romantic love that Michèle and Sandra feel for airplanes is a form of objectophilia or objectum sexuality. It is a sexual orientation expressed through romantic and sexual feelings for inanimate objects. The two women are no exception. Amy Wolfe has been dating a funfair train for 3,000 trips. Lee Jin-guy has a pillow as a spouse. Marian Griffin became the bride of a Ford truck. Erika Eiffel is married to the Eiffel Tower and now also bears his name. Eija Rittia Berliner Mauer went after the same, but with the Berlin Wall. Marjanne van Helvert declared her love for Christopher, a container ship.

Was Will das Thing?

Strikingly, objectum sexuality almost always focuses on man-made things. What is also striking is that the love objects are considered a male by all their mistresses, only Lee Jin guy took the kisses he loved as his bride. It is also striking that inanimate objects, like living beings, do not have eternal life. For example, Eija-Riita was deeply shocked when the Berlin Wall fell. The demolition felt to her like a violent attack on her beloved. ‘If you love something, you want to take care of it’, says Marjanne van Helvert and asks herself: ‘But how do you really take care of a thing? Where will that thing† With the last question, Helvert also follows the path of anthropomorphism, where human emotions and qualities are ascribed to things. It is something that occurs much more often, however, also in relation to animals, trees and plants. The cat is let out because she ‘bored’, Hawaiian dolphins put their feces in the face of Princess Irene by van Lippe Biesterfeld to tell her to ‘throw out everything that bothers her’, the fuchsia blooms in gratitude for good care and oh well, one of the models in the scale 737-800 nods longingly for more, while Michèle gently strokes ‘on the chin’.

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