This is the place to be in the Norwegian city of Bergen, where it often rains, but it should not ruin the fun

Statue Joost Stokhof

Bergen is located between the mountains. The Norwegian city is wedged between seven mountains, which are an integral part of the city. ‘Walking is a constant interval training, it always goes up or down,’ says Akkelies van Nes. ‘That Bergenser has very good buttocks and thighs. ‘ Van Nes (54) is a professor civil engineer, specializes in spatial analysis methods, at Vestnorges Høgskole and has lived in Bergen for eight years. She says: ‘I think it’s such a beautiful season where the flowers come out and there’s still snow on the mountain tops. It is also spectacular around midsummer, where bonfires are lit on the beach and the sunset turns into sunrise with a golden glow. But to be honest, Bergen is a rainy city, it often rains. The weather forecast is so accurate that you know exactly whether there will be a few shower-free hours to spend some time outside. The time between rain showers even has a name: fleet

Historic fishing port

Akkelies van Nes: ‘Bergen, Norway’s second largest city, on the west coast, has a natural harbor and used to be an important Hanseatic city. The pier, the quay with the colorful wooden houses, is the city’s historic heart along with the fish market. Bergen has had a fish market since the 13th century, which is now surrounded by fish shops, fish restaurants and a fish hall with a huge selection. ‘

Fisketorget, Torget

26 percent

‘A few hundred meters from Bryggen, the cable car, Fløibanen, starts, which climbs to the top of Fløyen, one of the seven mountains, in a few minutes with an increase of 26 percent. At the top of Fløyen you have a beautiful view of the city, with the sea in the distance, one of the most beautiful views ever. From there there is a walking route back to the center. There is a map with hiking routes. I know a cozy, white coffee shop, right next to the cable car, for before or after a walk: The Little Coffee Company. It’s tiny. For cinnamon rolls and coffee and cake with love. ‘

Fløibanen, Vetrlidsallmenningen 23A

Det Lille Kaffe Kompaniet, Nedre Fjellsmauet 2

reindeer hot dog

‘A typical Norwegian snack is sausage with lumpy / bread, sausage with a tortilla or with bread, is available in the famous red sausage stall Trekroneren, which means three Norwegian kroner. They sell all kinds of sausages, lamb sausage, chorizo, bratwurst and I can highly recommend the reindeer sausage. ‘

Trekroneren, Kong Oscars gate 1

Fish, champagne, organic bread

‘Restaurant 1877 is a fantastic restaurant with a cozy look, with a lot of wood and stone, and where Scandinavian food is made at a high level. And they serve a champagne lunch with green asparagus and caviar. The center of Bergen is only small and almost next to Restaurant 1877 is a bakery with delicious organic bread, sandwiches, rolls and excellent coffee. ‘

Restaurant 1877, Vetrlidsallmenningen 2

Good Brod Floyen, Vetrlidsallmenningen 19

Karaoke bar

‘I live on the outskirts of the city center myself, but I can be in the city in no time with the Light Rail. When the blockade was lifted and we were allowed to go outside again, there was singing loudly on the train, everyone participated. I lived in Oslo in my youth, but there are people more closed, the people of Bergen are open, for a chat and also very urban, while this is only a small town. Zachariasbryggen, in the center, is a multi-storey building where there is plenty to do in the evening. There is a piano bar, a country lounge and a karaoke bar. I sing myself, opera, my favorite hobby, and also like karaoke. This weekend I feel a bit like part of the furniture in the karaoke bar. ‘

Zachariasbryggen, Torget 2

Literature and dinner

‘The House of Literature, the House of Literature, beats two birds with one stone: there are always exciting literary evenings, often with well-known authors, and there is a good, highly regarded restaurant.’

Litteraturhuset in Mons en Colonialen Brasseriet, Østre Skostredet 5-7

Perfect Grieg

‘The composer Edvard Grieg was born in Bergen, and the concert hall named after him, built as a kind of fan, with a room with a bright red ceiling inside, has a perfect sound. I like going to opera or concert here, not just classical. ‘

Grieg Hall, Edvard Grieg’s Square 1

hot stones

‘Oude Bergen Museum is a lovely open-air museum with wooden houses, like the ones built here in the last centuries. Also in this part of the city is Sandviken Havbad, a jetty with seesaw and an old bathing house by the sea. Because the sun is often low in the afternoon, the rocks heat up and you can sit here, even early in the season. ‘

Gamle Bergen Museum, Elsesro, Nyhavnsveien 4

Sandviken Sjobad, Elsesro 56

The city and the seven mountains

‘Once a year in Bergen, a day where all seven mountains are climbed, is something of an event. Ulriken is the highest mountain, 634 meters. A sherpa staircase of stone has been built against it by sherpas from Nepal. 1300 steps up or down, then you feel like you are alive, especially the day after. There are many well-marked hiking trails around the mountains of Bergen, also for beginners, as I always call my friends who have never hiked in height. The view along the road, over peaks and valleys, is wonderful. ‘

Excited Ulriken Trapper, Johan Blytt’s way

To the fjords

‘Bergen is the city closest to the large known fjords, Sognefjorden and Hardangerfjorden. I would definitely go there one day on a mini cruise. Such boat trips often depart from the port next to the fish market. Norway’s west coast with its fjords is a jewel. Rain or not. ‘

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