Verstappen must be patient: Stewards will only give a definitive answer about the Hamilton incident today Formula 1

VideoMax Verstappen looks forward to the Qatar Grand Prix with confidence. Whether the incident with him and Lewis Hamilton in Interlagos will still have a tail, now that the race management is considering reviewing the photos again? He’s waiting. “I’m not particularly surprised that Mercedes does this, this is how things go …”

By Arjan Schouten

He knows what to do, in the Middle East, the last three races. Take big points and then there may be the first title, with a 14-point lead in the World Cup over Lewis Hamilton. But, of course, this world title fight is no longer limited to what happens on the tarmac. For example, Mercedes in Qatar also tried to bring the much-discussed action on Interlagos to the attention of the stewards on the basis of new images.

In the late afternoon there was a ‘request for review‘with the stewards, where it was decided whether the race management would look at the incident again, with Verstappen and Hamilton stepping off the asphalt together. After an extensive consultation in Doha with the two teams involved via video conference, there was still no response from the stewards on duty. The decision will not be announced until Friday, two days before the Qatar Grand Prix, a spokesman for the FIA ​​International Motorsports Association said.

Even during the GP in Interlagos, the management decided that no further investigations were necessary. But based on newly-acquired photos, Mercedes still believes the Verstappen deserves a penalty in retrospect. So the championship has arrived at the stage where two teams are fighting for the prizes until the end. “I’m not even that surprised that Mercedes does this. This is how it goes. “In any case, Lewis had never easily passed me by, which should not be the case in a title fight,” Verstappen said when asked what awaits this day.


“It seems to me quite normal that the tension also shakes off the asphalt when two teams compete for the title. But I do not focus on that, others take care of it. I focus myself on what to do on the asphalt, “says Verstappen, who once again showed that he is not a fan of the Mercedes method.” You now see the true nature of the beast, eh ‘. not my team, I do not have to deal with you, but you let yourself know … ”

Does he still fear punishment? The limburger does not even bother to think about it. “If, if, if … I do not believe it’s going to happen. And if it does, it’s not the end of the world yet. I’m just trying not to think about it.”

But he has to, because it is constantly being discussed in the fold in Qatar, a week after the race in Brazil. Wherever the race management may look back on the pictures, Verstappen is not interested in it. ,, I drove the car, do not need to see it again. Know what happened and I would do the exact same thing next time, “said the Dutchman from Red Bull Racing.

,, For me it was a great match, a tough but fair match. And in the end, Mercedes won. Well, not nice? That’s what you get when two teams fight for the title and it’s just beautiful. I hope it will go between even more teams in the future. We’ve had a lot of races that were less interesting. “

Verstappen does not lose sight of the fact that in addition to tug of war, Qatar is also used. Today he drove against his habits in a lap on the more than five kilometer long track, which is new in Formula 1. ,, Many question marks of course, because here we have never been. But the course looks good, with lots of fast turns, fluid combinations. I think it’s a good job. “

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