but do we have to stand in line to get a cotton swab in our nose?

Do you need to be tested to get into a theater or a concert hall?

New. Gabbi Mesters, director of the Association of Theater and Concertgebouw Directors (VSCD): “Halls can open without a test from June 5 for fifty people, and the one and a half meters apply to large halls. In a room with more than 1000 seats, more than 250 people. If the halls want more crowds, they can request quick tests or vaccination certificates. We have lobbied heavily to come to this decision. And GroenLinks played a significant role in this in the Senate. It offers the prospect that something can be done again, but financially it is not profitable at all yet. We assume that we will be able to reopen under normal conditions on September 1st.

Can I already buy tickets for performances and concerts from the 5th of June?

This is different from theater and concert hall. Some halls open on June 5 or 9, Concertgebouw probably on June 11, others even later. Many theaters have also been given a social function, some have become temporary vaccination positions, or schools keep their school musicals there. In addition, many manufacturers withdrew.

Amsterdam Kleine Komedie (cabaret, cabaret) does not open until September either. Director Vivienne Ypma: “From then on, we offer a fantastic program with, among others, Lucky Fonz III, Sanne Wallis de Vries and the new comedy talent Glodi Lugungu. To set up the whole unit again in a month for 134 instead of 500 people, it is financially impossible. And a comedian must also be prepared, he wants to make a few attempts before the premiere. ”

The Oerol Festival in 2019.Image EPA

Why can Holland Festival start live on June 3, while Oerol can not participate this year, but the Parade can again?

The government has designated the Holland Festival (until June 27) as a test event. Holland Festival director Emily Ansenk explains: “Of course we would much rather have opened without any restrictions. But because we wanted to start live on June 3, this was the only solution. It is a national festival with eighty different performances, visitors come from all over the country to the fourteen places in and around Amsterdam.They can take the free entrance test near their place of residence in advance, there is also enough space at RAI and additional test sites will be set up everywhere.The ticket sale on Hollandfestival.nl goes well.”

Oerol, the second annual festival in June (at Terschelling) will only take place online. The organization was unable to complete an on-site program in a timely manner. Everything can only be experienced online from 11 to 20 June via Het Imaginaire Eiland on Oerol.nl.

From 18 June, De Parade will travel via Eindhoven and The Hague to Utrecht and Amsterdam. Visitors buy a Parade package on Deparade.nl, including two performances by, among others, Kiki Schippers, the Groothof brothers and Het Zuidelijk Toneel.

Mauritshuis in The Hague.  Picture ANP

Mauritshuis in The Hague.Picture ANP

What about the museums, do they open indefinitely?

Janneke Visser from the Museums Association: “A museum visit goes as we were used to until mid-December: Everyone books an appointment online in advance. A limited number of visitors are welcome in the museum so that sufficient distance can be kept. No entrance test is required for museums. ”

There is a lot to choose from: Exhibitions that were only just opened when the museums had to close again, but also a lot of news. Six exhibitions open simultaneously in the De Pont Museum in Tilburg. “Unique”, says director Martijn van Nieuwenhuyzen. “Our museum is very spacious, the visitor will soon have about 40 square meters per person available. You can walk through the halls. “Along the Sand Blankets by Kasper Bosmans, or a disturbing film by David Claerbout.

Kunsthal Rotterdam, We Are Animals.  Statue of Marco De Swart

Kunsthal Rotterdam, We Are Animals.Statue of Marco De Swart

In addition, the exhibition of slavery in the Rijksmuseum (until 29/8) is a must for anyone interested in the history of the Netherlands. Rotterdam Kunsthal explores the animal kingdom. The exhibition We are animals (until 24/10) shows works by various artists exploring the relationship between humans and animals. We love animals, we eat them, we recognize ourselves in their behavior. Until 15/8 in the Centraal Museum in Utrecht Fashion voices , an exhibition about the influence of black designers on the fashion world. Tickets can be reserved from Saturday at many museums.

And the cinemas?

They open on June 5 for a maximum of fifty people per. room. What is everyone looking forward to seeing on the big screen? Movies like the new James Bond, The Battle of ScheldeThe EastBillie Eilish: The world is a little blurry and nomadeland

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