The coolest photo museums in the Netherlands

Photo 1. Take time to see the exhibitions in the Fotomuseum aan het Vrijthof. Photo: André Lowenthal

May 15, 2022
Culture rural areas Such is a picture taken these days. Smartphone out of pocket and click. But while the quality of your own vacation photos is also getting better, it’s also very nice to see what beautiful photos other professional photographers take. Keep an eye on your eyes the coolest photo museums in the Netherlands

Photo 2. Photos in all shapes and sizes. Photo: Dutch Photo Museum © Fred Ernst

Dutch Photo Museum

Rotterdam, South Holland In it Dutch Photo Museum, located near the Erasmus Bridge, you will discover the photographic history of the Netherlands. With more than 160 archives by photographers such as Ed van der Elsken, Cas Oorthuys and Aart Klein, the museum constantly presents new exhibitions that allow you to reflect on the world. Exactly what photography is for anything! For example, in the museum you will find the vintage pictures of Peter Martens, one of the most famous and best street photographers in the Netherlands. But in addition to looking at beautiful, inspiring, confrontational and moving images, one mainly immerses oneself in the ingenious stories that follow. Also visit the extensive library, relax in the movie lounge and browse the digital collection.

Photo 3. Photo museum at the Vrijthof, in the heart of Maastricht. Photo: André Lowenthal

Maastricht, Limburg In one of the oldest buildings in Maastricht, the former country house of Charles V., we find The Museum of Photography at Vrijthof† Here a new exhibition opens twice a year with each time another photographer’s work. Common to these photographers is that they capture the world of today on camera. To also inspire young people, some of the exhibitions are specifically related to the environment of this target group. Are you tired of looking at the museum itself after a while? Then enjoy a cup of coffee in the large café in the covered patio.

Photo 4. Liz Johnson Artur – of the life of love for sex of the movement of hope, 2021 © Foam. Photo: Christian van der Kooy.

Foam Photography Museum

Amsterdam, North Holland Photography enthusiasts with a wide range of interests are in the right place in Foam Photography Museum† From contemporary to historical and from portrait to landscape photography, you will find it all here with a wide range of exhibitions. Large exhibitions by well-known photographers alternate with the work of young talents. Who knows, maybe you’ll even see a new celebrity here for the first time! Are you looking for something more in-depth? So Saturday at 11:00 it is time for your visit. Then you follow a (free) tour of one of the museum teachers. They challenge you to look closely and form your own opinion about what you see. Please reserve your place in advance.

Photo 5. See hundreds of old cameras. Photo: Camera Museum © Bob Noomen

Camera Museum

Zierikzee, Zeeland But it is not only the prints themselves that are valuable museum objects. Before you can insert a photo into an album or hang it on the wall in a frame, there is a whole process ahead. How exactly does a camera work? From the first press of a button, through the darkroom to an evoked image. In it Camera Museum everything is covered. Find out what a prism is. What is a camera obscura? How was the very first picture actually taken? Dive into the history of photography. And photo cameras are also works of art in themselves. Check out the huge collection of devices in all shapes and sizes, accessories and more photography items. A mecca for (hobby) photographers!

Fotomuseum Haag

The Hague, South Holland Hundreds of pictures pass our eyes every day in newspapers, on the internet and on large billboards along the way. And that’s why it’s important that we take enough time to really look at it Fotomuseum Haag† As part of the Art Museum The Hague (KM21), it is therefore not surprising that the museum mainly sees photography as an art form. What exactly is the deeper layer behind an image? The image of humanity and important social themes are often central to the exhibitions shown. A visit to the Photo Museum The Hague is never the same, because every year there are at least six different exhibitions.

Photo 6. The beautiful Huis Marseille building on the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam. Photo: House Marseille © Eddo Hartmann

House Marseille

Amsterdam, North Holland The very first photography museum in Amsterdam can be found on the Keizersgracht, in two stately canal houses from the seventeenth century. Just the building off House Marseille, full of authentic details, is worth a visit. In more than ten museum rooms, you will discover several new exhibitions every three months. Professionally, everything is covered, but overall, you will always recognize modern photography with an international approach. Huis Marseille works with various artists to show the work displayed in the galleries in the best possible way. Does a photo work better in print or in a nice frame? And which lighting is best?

Witte’s Museum of Photography and Radio

Axel, Zeeland True collectors are Jan and Maarten Witte! Over the years, they got so many special cameras that they decided to turn their private collection into a museum. 1500 copies can now be admired in Witte’s Museum of Photography and Radio† From wood to SLR camera, you can think of it as crazy as it is there. James Bond spy gear, a complete Minox collection and even an 1860 camera! It’s something other than today’s digital cameras and smartphones. And very special: all devices still work. Incidentally, this nostalgic paradise is not just for photo equipment. The name of the museum says it all, you also see about 800 special radios.

Museum Hilversum

Hilversum, North Holland In the middle of Hilversum is the former town hall, one of the oldest buildings in the media town. Today this is Museum Hilversum established. Here you get to know what you call ‘media art’ (art that makes use of modern technology) and there is a lot of attention paid to photography. The museum offers three floors of exhibition space. In addition to (photo) exhibitions, the museum also arranges so-called MediaLabs, lectures, performances and tours for the whole family. Museum Hilversum is also home to the Silver Camera, the most important journalistic photo competition in the Netherlands.

Photo 7. Admire media art. Photo: Museum Hilversum © Arne van Oosterom

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