How much does malware cost? You can do a lot of damage with 250 euros

You can buy tools for hackers cheaply through the dark web. How about 250 euros a year for a complete package or 470 euros for a ransomware package?

Researchers at Team Cyble have dived into the hacker environment to gain access to online portals where hackers can purchase software and services. You can read the results of that research here, but we list the most important things to give you an idea of ​​how cheaply everyone can get started as hackers and why you should never rest on your laurels.

Eternity project

Team Cyble has researched the Eternity Project, a site that cannot be accessed via search engines or a regular URL, but which can be accessed via the Tor network. In line with a Telegram channel, developers there offer services to online criminals to get started.

The website offers malware. Anyone who buys one of the malware components will have the opportunity to do so last binary executable to adapt to the crime he or she has in mind. It is striking that you can use a Telegram bot from the service to get started.

Some are sold as a subscription, ‘as-a-service’ in the company’s mouth, others have a one-time price. The developer can monetize his or her code and he or she may charge extra money for support or other services. This gives criminals who cannot write their own code a simple point of contact to start.

For the sake of completeness: the purchased malware still needs to be distributed. This can be done, for example, through phishing campaigns, where interesting mailing lists can again be purchased through the dark web, sometimes for only tens of dollars. Finished tools are also available for creating phishing campaigns.

All-in-one package: 250 euros per year

If you want a total package as hackers, you can go to Eternity Stealer for 250 euros a year. This software steals passwords, cookies, credit cards and cryptocurrencies from victims. The result is delivered via a Telegram bot, so you as a hacker do not leave traces. Some of the key components of Eternity Stealer:

  • Email: Thunderbird, Outlook, FoxMail, PostBox, MailBird
  • Messengers: Telegram, Discord, WhatsApp, Signal, Pidgin, RamBox
  • Password administrators: KeePass, NordPass, LastPass, BitWarden, 1Password, RoboForm and dozens of others
  • VPN clients: WindscribeVPN, NordVPN, EarthVPN, ProtonVPN, OpenVPN, AzireVPN
  • FTP clients: FileZilla, CoreFTP, WinSCP, Snowflake, CyberDuck
  • System Information: Credman passwords, Vault passwords

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Eternity Ransomware is a one-time purchase according to Team Cyble and costs 470 euros. It allows you to hack users and lock their system. Data is encrypted until a sum of money is paid.

You can reassemble your package via a Telegram bot, so you can let the affected system start, what time limit the victim gets, what message can be displayed and countless other options. The ransomware can do a lot of damage to affected computers:

  • Lock all documents, photos and databases on disks, local area network folders and USB sticks
  • Offline encryption (requires no network connection)
  • Uses a powerful algorithm to encrypt thanks to both AES and RSA
  • Very small file, almost 130 kilobytes

Worm taking over the entire network: 375 euros

The junk online service also offers Eternity Worm for 375 euros. It allows you to use a virus to infect machines through files and networks. The worm can cross and infect your entire network including:

  • USB sticks
  • Local network folders
  • Local files (py, zip, exe, bat, jar, pdf, Docx, xlsx, pptx, mp3, mp4, png)
  • Cloud files (Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox)
  • Python Interpreter (injects worm into all compiled Python projects)

Online sales without rules

From the list of available options, you can also choose a miner for 85 euros who generates cryptocurrencies on the victims’ systems. For 105 euros you can buy a tool that scans infected systems for codes for cryptocurrencies. Once in the Windows Clipboard, your cryptocurrency is instantly lost.

Eternity Project is currently working on a DDoS service but has no further information about it yet.

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Team Cyble emphasizes that cybercrime via Telegram is growing in popularity. Without any kind of rules, developers can offer their software to criminals who want to make sacrifices to make money.

Set up backups, install updates, and keep training

It goes without saying that with this article we do not want to motivate people to start malicious practices. We want to demonstrate how easily and cheaply you can make money today without code knowledge by buying software kits online.

Today, by using Telegram bots and ready-to-use software, you can easily hack anonymously and get results without any code knowledge. It is therefore more important than ever as a sole proprietorship, SME or company to arm itself against these services. Invest in backups and security software, install timely updates, and continue to train each employee regularly in recognizing Internet threats.

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